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AI image generators are a valuable tool for creating images that can help enhance presentations. They work by using text prompts to generate high-quality visual illustrations. These images can then be used to convey complex ideas and captivate audiences.

Understanding the basics of AI image generators is important before you use them. The input required varies between different image generators, but is usually a text prompt.
Easy to use

AI image generators are easy to use and customizable. They take a text prompt as input, then translate it into visual art. The results can be as realistic or whimsical as you want them to be. The most important factor in getting the best results is creating a detailed and accurate description of your desired image. This will help the machine understand what it’s meant to portray and make the images more lifelike.

The best AI image generators allow you to fine-tune the output to match your vision. They also offer different design styles, such as watercolor, cinematic, neon, and color pencil. You can also choose a custom background and image ratio.

Some of these generators are free to use, while others operate on a credit system. For example, DreamStudio creates a number of impressive AI images and is an excellent choice for users who want to try out the tool before investing in it.
Easy to customize

Using an AI image generator is easy and convenient, and it can help you streamline certain aspects of your graphic and web design workflow. However, it is important to remember that these tools cannot replace human designers for the creation of complex creative assets or large-scale graphics projects. For best results, combine them with original images from a human designer.

The input format for AI image generators varies, but most require a text prompt to generate an image. Some are free and offer unlimited creations, while others have a subscription model. For example, DreamStudio offers a free account with 25 credits, which are enough for 30 prompts or 120 images. After that, you can purchase more credits for a discount.

Some AI image generators have an API, making them easier to integrate into your website or app. To use an API, you need to register with the platform and generate a unique API key. Then, you can use the AI generator with your own software.
High-quality outputs

AI image generators are becoming increasingly popular among designers and marketers. This technology can simplify the creative process by allowing users to create on-brand backgrounds, fun merch designs, and advertising backdrops with just a text prompt.

It also helps them create original visuals that captivate audiences and elevate their work. However, it’s important to understand that an AI image generator can only create as good as the inputs it receives. This means that the best images come from detailed and descriptive text prompts.

Moreover, it is essential to consider the ethical and legal aspects of using an AI image generator. Make sure that your AI images adhere to copyright regulations and do not violate anyone’s intellectual property rights. It is also important to check for any possible biases or inaccuracies in your image outputs. For example, if your AI image generator uses gendered imagery, it might lead to the propagation of harmful stereotypes. You should always check for this before submitting your designs to an AI image generator.
Customizable prompts

Using AI image generators saves designers time and expands creative resources. They’re also great for brainstorming, providing fresh visuals that break design blocks. However, they aren’t foolproof and can sometimes churn out images that diverge from the prompts you give them. For instance, if you ask for a sunny beach scene, you might get an overcast day instead.

To avoid this, choose a tool that offers customizable prompts. Detailed text prompts are ideal, but you can also choose specific elements to include in your images. You can also select a style, such as art, photography, or illustration.

A popular option is Fotor’s AI photo generator, which is simple to use and produces high-quality results. It’s free to use, but you can purchase additional credits for more options and customizations. It’s also web-based, which means no hefty software downloads or expensive hardware are required. The tool also provides a community for users to share their experiences and learn from each other.

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