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gold keeps hittinmg record high. Bernanke is clearly the Goose who layed the Golden Egg
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Gold and Silver Hits New High on US Dollar Collapse

Gold and Silver Bugs in Control as US Dollar Collapses Another week and another new high for gold and silver. The rationale is the collapsing US dollar and concern over the Fiat currencies. The European debt crisis also has people wary of the Euro. Hence gold rose above $1,570 an ounce to a fifth consecutive [...]

Bullion vault of gold bars
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Thai Baht Gold Bars: Buy Gold Bullion Online: Thailand Gold Jewelry

Thai Baht Gold Bars In Sanskrit, Siam (the old name for Thailand) means gold. Gold has been part of the Thai economy for millenia. Jin Lin, meaning peninsula of gold, is the Chinese name for Thailand. Photo by Tom BKKIn Thailand all gold is sold under ‘Thai baht gold‘ standard: the baht being a Thai [...]

Hong Kong good delivery tael gold bar
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Tael Gold Bar: Taels, Liang: Buy Gold Online

Tael Gold Bar Photo by BullionVaultA tael gold bar is a gold bullion measure, usually in weights of 10, 5, and 1 tael, as traded on the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets. A Taiwan tael gold bar may have a fineness of 999.9. Hong Kong has traded in tael gold bars since 1910. The fineness [...]