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Xobba Reward Track


All Xobba Authors benefit from the combined publishing and promotional power of dedicated and knowledgeable creators developing on a meticulously designed platform with editorial and quality control standards. Teasers of all new posts are automatically shared at over 50 locations creating automatic backlinks and referral opportunities. In addition links to these posts are shared across multiple sites and the twittersphere via a main broadcast account and a branded Xobba account. The reward track is all a reflection of a level of care and attention to detail that is expected as a partner continues to publish and collaborate with us.


1 Post – Xobba Partner

A Partners first post should show attention to the limited and reasonable publishing standards created to keep a standard of excellence at the Tribune.


  1. A Minimum Word Count of 300 Words
  2. No errors shown by integrated Grammar and Spelling check. The Spelling and Grammar Checker will alert you if it finds mistakes.
  3. Inclusion of a Featured Image with appropriately described fields and proper attribution. This is important as it increases your opportunity in being found in Image Based search. Failure to include a Featured Image will result in the default Xobba Image appearing
  4. Completion of the Author Profile proving that you are a person with background and authority and a commitment to keeping your name or brand unsullied. This is important.
  5. A reasonable attempt at using on page facilities for best practices in On Page SEO: It is understood that Xobba Partners have a varied background and a full understanding of the platform or internet marketing practices is not required. Just a good faith attempt to use what is offered and take advantage of the forum, the Q&A site and Support options if necessary. The SEO Tool in your dashboard is very powerful. Use it to your benefit.

10 Posts – Tribunus (Full Member)



At ten posts a Xobba Partner gets access to our advanced backend tools which includes a dedicated Xobba branded Google account for collaboration and personal organization tools should the author desire.

Rewards for writing great content at
Xobba Author Perks


This backend includes a link shortener with tracking options. This will allow you to create easy to remember versions of your affiliate links or practice experimenting with layouts and how they effect conversion. You can use this tool to create A/B tests, track your links that you share and shorten lengthy affiliate links.



The Xobba Short Links Add menu




By default your links are private and no one has access to the shortname or information as to where the destination link ends. Each link has a tracking element that can tell you how many time sit has been clicked. For SEO purposes the links can be defined as 301 or 302 which will allow you keep that tasty “link juice” should you use such links for backlink purposes.



Trackers at work


A proper online experience takes in account the multi-media nature of the web. Although many publishers will have photo editing software of their own, for the road warriors and any who should choose to use it a full featured image editor is available to you. The capabilities of the editor far exceed what you may need in daily publishing but that just makes it more fun to use.



Image Editing Tools On the Go



 100 Posts – Centurion






When you reach 100 Posts at Xobba you will be offered a free Hosting Account for One Year as our Thank You for being a Strong contributor and supporter.


Would you like to become a Xobba Writer and get access to the most powerful and select publishing backend in the industry?

  • 90% Adsense  Impression Sharing  (100% during the current promotion)
  • 75% Amazon Impression Sharing with EVERY possible widget and style pre-enabled in your dashboard, plus Global settings for all the Amazon Associates sites
  • Integrated Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter features with associated communities in place.

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