The Keyword Academy - Everyone Should Take A Free Trial
  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    I wanted to try The Keyword Academy for long but I did not have any credit card to link with my paypal account. So, I emailed the TKA team and they were kind enough to open a free one month trial account for me. I was impressed with them right there.

    TKA provides member with a bunch of tools. I liked nicherefinery (keywordtool) , postrunner(extremely useful for gaining quality backlinks) and the forum the most.

    Though I asked for the free trial at the wrong time as I did not have the time to use all the features and tools. But I was quite impressed. I think everyone should give it a go. One month free trial is certainly worth it. But make sure you have time to use all the features and tools.

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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 April 2011
    Postrunner is great. The nicherefinery tool is good, but I like Market Samurai and the google keywords tool a bit better. Just using PostRunner is worth every penny.
  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    Postrunner is really great. I really wish I had taken a free trial now, would have made optimum use of the postrunner service.