Example Format - Backlink Checking Tool forget Market Samurai!
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    Example Format for Shares of Tools and Services

    Often you will find in Industry forums that when users share tools and services, they are trying to gain affiliate commissions or on the flipside haven't done their due diligence before making a recommendation, lets not do that here!

    If you are a Market Samurai User you probably have noticed that the software has been quite buggy and downright terrible over the last 6 months, but has very recently made a turn for the better. This is because the tool has changed its source for checking backlinks.

    Yahoo has part of its Bing integration has changed its Site explorer API (The service MS was using to check links) [first noticed here Is site explorer closing]

    Now Market Samurai uses the service of Majestic SEO, which is a service that uses its own crawlers, so in truth its not better as we cant be sure that Google, Yahoo, et al. will have indexed the sites that Majestic SEO considered a backlink.

    But the Majestic SEO service can be used for free and its in real time! It will find your links that have been published mere days before if not sooner. I have tested it with xobba and am impressed. I dont have a long period of experience with the service but for the 2 minutes it took me, I would no longer even bother with MS if I didnt have a copy!

    The site explorer is the first thing you see, you can get advanced reports if you register (Only useful if you own the domain)

    Link to: http://www.majesticseo.com/
    Aff link to: __________________ (for format example only, Im not an aff currently)

    Suggested Format:

    Background/experience with service or tool
    Purpose of tool
    both reg and aff links if applicable ( The forum is not intended as a vehicle to earn from your fellow members, but when applicable why wouldnt we reward a member with a commission)
    Testing out the signature line
  • humagaiahumagaia April 2011
    RankTracker, LinkAssistant, WebsiteAuditor and SEOSpyGlass (free versions or purchased) together with MajesticSEO is a better combination than the equivalent MS stuff. Some MS stuff is still useful (to me). But then I do not have MNF.
  • Thanks for the tip. I have not been systematic with checking backlinks and somewhat systematic with creating backlinks. ;)
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  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    Did you try it yet?
    Testing out the signature line
  • Me, not yet. Does the link in my signature work? It doesn't for me.
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  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    @Paula - Your signature links works perfectly.

    @Josh - I tried it and have one query. Just checked one of my hub; Site explorer is showing 35 external links and majestic SEO shows only 7. So does Majestic SEO shows only dofollow links or is it that Majestic SEO only counts one link from each domain.