Stay In The Know about Legislation and Regulations that impact the online marketplace
  • XobbaXobba July 2011
    Many were taken by surprise by the Amazon boot of CA Associates.

    That surprise is 100% your own fault. This industry is young and everchanging - if you are seriously earning or looking to earn in the industry you should stay current and active regarding things that can effect your earnings.

    Follow this site to stay current on affiliate nexus laws and pending laws - take their advice and be sure to contact ALL your reps. You are writers and marketers, you should be able to get your voice heard and write a damn letter I think!

    In the US, some FTC rulings regarding paid testimonials have actually been being enforced! Stay in the know and be sure your sites have the simple disclosure they require. even if you arent in the US. Many Aff networks are going to start requiring that your site is compliant in order to create partnerships with you.

    That is the official rules and regulations, you can find lots of advice and examples over the past 2 years that outline what steps are necessary to make your site compliant.

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  • RookRook July 2011
    Thanks for this bit of advice and knowledge. It's something a lot of people will need to seriously get into, or drop out of. The pieces on the board are always in motion.
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  • janejane July 2011
    Great advice.  A lot of affiliates are pulling out of Cali now....not sure which ones to turn to at this point.  Its all about the research,