Predict How Hubpages will respond to loss of Amazon Account
  • XobbaXobba July 2011
    All California Amazon Associates have been booted.

    Hubpages is a California based associate.

    Therefore, HubPages has also been booted.

    According to a HP forum Post, HP is actively working with Amazon to come up with a solution to the issue. It is believable that Amazon would attempt to work out a manner in which to keep a referrer the size of Hubpages on as traffic source.

    But, I have never seen public news that any associate was able to continue with Amazon after the Affiliate nexus law was passed in their state outside of using an intermediary like Skimlinks which will in turn take a cut off the top.

    Hupages claimed to be working with google once - they then instituted an author tag? and now are pursuing a subdomain model - whether they had any google advice in that matter is rather doubtful.

    Amazon working with them isnt so doubtful.

    What is Your prediction?

    If they cut Amazon as one of their options for publishers they will piss everyone off yet again, lose yet another selling point to make their model worth using over say squidoo or infobarrel, I imagine they would rather give 100% of impressions then suffer that final blow.

    But can they afford to lose that income stream?

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  • I don't think so, and they would have a hard time finding a replacement for Amazon.  Getting 100% would be nice though.  I don't see how Amazon can get around this issue with Hubpages though.
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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 July 2011
    I see a few options.

    1) set up a corporation in another state or offshore and use that separate company's affiliate ID for their portion.

    2) move to a Squidoo model by collecting ALL income and then parsing it out (again, they would need to set up a legal entity in another location.

    3) move the company elsewhere (not likely)

    I can't see this turning out good for anyone.
  • RookRook July 2011
    I don't know what to make of it. From the start of Panda to this latest injury, it seems like HP is doomed. Even if they didn't immediately get booted, the would surely have seen an inevitable demise as new state laws get passed and Amazon boots the affiliates one state after another.

    I can't believe I started article marketing less than a year ago and how much has dramatically changed since then.
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