Who's Up For The 30 in 30 Xobba Challenge
  • NatashaNatasha June 2011
    From the past week or so, my concentration has been seriously lacking and I can't get my head around to writing.  So, I am just thinking of pushing myself and planning to do a 30 articles in 30 days on Xobba.  Declaring it here so that I become more accountable and get my focus.  Also, I would love your participation as it will keep me inspired and motivated.

    The challenge starts 1st July and you can choose to write on any topic you want.(Though all my entries would be for the Xobba Buying Guides Contest).

    So get started with your keyword research.  Also, for those who don't have market samurai I will show how to get full access 40 day trial, this will help you during the challenge.  

    Also, if we get enough participants, maybe we can use a common tag and promote.  Anyways, thats just an idea.  I hope I get a company.
  • NatashaNatasha June 2011
    Time to share how to get Market Samurai for free (40 days full access trial)

    Just uninstall your previous version of Market Samurai using Revo Installer (use the advanced settings).

    Then visit this page http://www.marketsamurai.com/trial-extension.php and enter a new email address which you havn't used before on MS site.  You will get a mail with your download link (it will most probably land in your spam folder).  Download it and enter the code you got in mail.  You now have MS full access for 40 days.

    Though If you really like this software and it makes you money then please purchase this and show some support for the developer.

    I hope this motivates you all to take part.  

    If you don't have Revo Uninstaller, you can download the software from here: http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html
  • janejane July 2011
    How do you write on Xobba?  I haven't figured out that part just yet!