Will be away for the weekend - Daughters First Birthday!
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    My Daughter turns 1 this weekend and we will be making the rounds to all the family for gatherings.

    I have my droid, so can respond to emails, but wont necessarily have service out in the pool :) and I wont have access to my tools and techstuff on the office PC.

    See you on Monday!

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  • What date was her birthday Sunforged? 11th or 12th? 

    My pugs 1st birthday was the 12th June, we bought her a bottle of dog beer :-)
  • sharishari June 2011
    The official Ayla 1st Birthday Picture. She is absolutely breath taking . .and from the videos her personality shines through. It has been quite an exciting year watching her grow . .. and I do believe she could pass as her moms twin but every now and then I see a little of Joshua peeking out (like here in this intoxicating smile) . . the pics you  have shared over the year have been a true joy to follow!

    May the coming year be for Ayla as delicious as this first year! 

    If any of you missed it, SF has a vid of her as she opens her first birthday presents!!! 

    It may have been Ayla's first birthday. . and now this weekend .. it is her daddys first Fathers Day! 
    I hope you have the best day Josh .. you sure earned it by being one of the best daddys this side of the Mason Dixon!