• PakpubPakpub June 2011
    Hello I have applied to write for Xobba three times and have not had any response. While I am registered for this forum, I cannot post to the Xobba article site. Any suggestions as to what I have to do or I have I been denied permission.


  • sharishari June 2011
    Hi Pat -
    Nice to see you here at Xobba and I completely understand your desire to become a writer here at Xobba. I would hold tight before coming to any conclusions about writers permissions though. Best piece of advice that I can give you is to make sure that you have completed the 3 Paths to the Xobba Tradition. Also double check to make sure that you have satisfied all the Xobba Application Requirements. And lastly just keep in mind that our Webmaster has been secretly working on the back end arming the writers here with the latest tools and widgets in preparation for the official launch at Xobba.
  • janejane July 2011
    So Shari, how do we apply - I don't "see" it anywhere....I'm blind! Oh garsh!