June/July Writing Contest Announced
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    Web Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention and Compels Them to Buy[]Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy[]Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials)

    June Buying Guide Writing Contest at Xobba

    In Commemoration of Xobba's final programming and functionality additions being complete, I am pleased to announce June's Contest, "Buying Guides at Xobba"

    Since Xobba boasts the most fully featured Amazon functionality of any Impression Sharing Site on the Net it is only fitting that the inaugural contest highlights this functionality.

    Additionally, as Xobba is touted as the "Learn as You Earn" platform, the rewards for this contest will be a full library of online marketing and writing books sent brand new from Amazon to your Door.

    You can see the 3 books available to the Grand Prize Winner here:

    There is a 4th book pictured that will be awarded as a bonus to the Grand Prize Winner should their successful article make a sale on X impression during the contest period and show 3 offsite backlinks indexed by Google.

    With some variance based on cost of shipping the Grand Prize value is approximately $40 USD

    Contest Requirements

    1. Submissions Must be made by registered Xobba Partners

    Xobba Partners Must Have completed their User Profile 

    (No One wants to see  "Authors bio is coming up shortly." at the conclusion of your article

    2. Submissions must be in the Buying Guide Category and fit the requirements for "Buying Guide" as follows:

    • A minimum of 3 items must be showcased and examined.
    • A minimum of 2 Images will be used - At least one in the body of the article and one as "Featured Image"
    • Full Use of SEO Options must be in effect.
    1. Target Keyword Phrase used in Title , Image Options (Image Description, Alt and File Names) Wordpress Tags and Meta boxes
    2. Model numbers or similar long tail specific description must be used in subtitles (h2 or h3) and also placed in tags and meta locations  (example: not iPad case but rather "Otterbox Ipad Commuter Series Case" )
    • A minimum of 2 varieties of Amazon functionality must be included
    • Some direct reference to the Amazon function must be made, the viewer will be made aware that the links lead to Amazon at some point in your copy.
    • The Proofreader function will return no  errors except for "jargon or brand names" that are not in its dictionary.
    • Articles will be tagged "SellContest"
    • Articles will make use of the integrated review function "star icon"

    I personally will be checking compliance to the terms above before passing on submission to Judge. Except for the elements regarding Amazon and model numbers the rest is just normal best practice for properly optimizing your work to perform to the best if its ability on the net and specifically using the Wordpress platform.



    Submissions will be judged by My Mother in Law to be! Why?... you should ask, are you twisting in some odd nepotism to a contest?

    Actually, she is my secret weapon!

    Because, she is the least internet savvy person I have ever met. But, nonetheless is a highly intelligent member of the Legal Profession with a well adapted BS filter. She is the perfect everywoman to run sales copy by.
    A good copywriter should be able to sell her on their products and convince her to click through to Amazon but it will be important to tell her where and why you are sending her places.
     There is no limit on number of submissions
    Submissions can be made by Xobba Partners starting on 6/5/2011 and ending on 7/30/2011  

    All submissions will be promoted after the conclusion of the contest across Xobba/Sunforged Networks, as always all content remains your to use as you please, submission or winning of contest in no way changes your normal rights to your works at Xobba.

    for those who dont normally sway for sales related copy this could be a great tool to try out different methods and techniques but rest assured next months contest will be promoting a different skillset.
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  • NatashaNatasha June 2011
    Count me in for the contest Josh.  Though with the talent we have already and new partners joining, it would be very difficult to win it and I cant wait to read stellar entries by other partners. 
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    just as a heads up, Ive been avoiding doing any emails to Xobba members. When I have the welcome package complete with all important details, I will do one mailing and add an unsubscribe option.

    In the meanwhile: Xobba news and Updates have been being announced here in this category.

    At the Xobba Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Xobba
    At the Xobba Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Xobbacom

    Also I add links to your Xobba Dashboard. Unfortunately I cant control how your dashboard is first arranged, and I bet many dont realize that it can be configured.

    You can grab the squares in your dashboard and turn them into this easily viewed layout:


    The Red Square on the top left "Dashboard" is where you can know enter your analytics tracker

    The square on the right shows where I will often stick in quick updates

    Im always open to questions about the Xobba or Wordpress experience, my goal is to be fully featured and easily navigable 
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  • sharishari June 2011
     I am constantly amazed at all the tools you have provided for us here at Xobba. I must admit I am having fun (well not always) learning the 'back end'  of publishing but more important is that I am loving the results. 

    Time to get on with my "Buying Guide" submission as The long awaited first contest is here ..  And  I think you already know..... Im in it to win it!
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    As no submissions have been entered yet, I have changed two factors.

    1. Each submission will use the review function (star icon)
    2. The deadline is 7/30/11
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  • ArisAris June 2011

    I will see what I can
    do, Josh, although time is limited - I landed a new technical writing contract
    that is pretty much full time.

    As an extra incentive for the rest - next month, once my Amazon
    gift certificate clears, we are going to be doing a monster shop on Amazon.com.
    It will be about $550 and it will consist of smaller items such as DVDs, CDs
    and books.

    To the person who I think has written a great sales article, using
    language and voice to great effect, I will use their Amazon affiliate link for the
    purchases. :)

  • NatashaNatasha June 2011
    Martyn, what a great added incentive.  Will make all the participants work even harder.  Time to get those contest entries publishing!!!
  • XobbaXobba July 2011
    It is July 1st and 0 completed eligible submissions have been received.

    At this time it seems the contest does not hold much interest to existing Xobba users and I can not afford to spend additional time designing and promoting it.

    The contest will be modified. The contest will now enter judging phase when 15 unique authors have submitted eligible entries. Interested parties can ask for the number of existing entries if they so desire or look at the buying guide section and count how many are in the category following the example article I posted.

    Perhaps I will come up with a general interest contest to run concurrently or simply stay away from contest or "team" type events until the site has a larger or more conjoined community.

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