Give a nod to some well designed Articles
  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    Ive added an overwhelming number of visual features lately, some may argue that may not be a wise choice as it gives room for some awful designs.

    But I like freedom!

    So, Although, currently, Im doing mostly code stuff and emailing with new users and havent been able to really read every new article  like I would like to, I did notice that:

    Shari has been creating some really attractive layouts using lots of the new functions in a pleasing way - see example of Top Ten Face Masks


    Aris, has been using widgets in a very clean , simple but I suspect ultimately powerful (for conversion) way -  Home Sprinkler Systems

    These happen to be brand new so it was on my mind. I have seen many other doing great layouts so this nod isn't intended to be exclusionary.

    Anyone else seen some impressive use of site functions?
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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011

    How do you add those subtitles in the Top Ten Face Masks "RESTORE REFRESH REJUVENATE"
  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    She used the Feature box title shortcode in the feature box

    the cheat sheet for how these things are done is available as a download at the  bottom
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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011
    d'oh!  how on earth did I miss that?!?!
  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    Well, there really isnt a central location to keep up with site updates right now, im trying to get together a solid users manual/welcome package for everyone , but I have to stop adding new stuff first!

    For a day, you even would have had a custom plugin I wrote that gave you all the codes in a drop down on your post screen - but it kind of sort of broke the "link" icon which I suspect you guys would rather have ;(


    ^See - Ill get it back soon, just have to learn enough about coding to figure out what the conflict was :(  
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  • ArisAris May 2011
    Shari's layout is beautiful - it breeds professionalism and trust before you even start reading her content. I may well look at a few of her ideas for the non-Amazon Hubs. :D

    Hoping for a decent conversion rate on Amazon - I started to do well on HP before they decimated product Hubs :(

    PS: I'm getting a 404 error on the Amazon favourites widget at the moment. 
  • sharishari May 2011
    Sufi, your words are like music to my ears, and as I am a huge fan for everything you publish (DIY and screws happen to be an hidden passion of mine ;) but it is Josh and his quest to make Xobba the best place to write and that is whom we have to thank for the professionalism look. I agree with you and professional trust was what I felt when I saw Josh use it initially. I love all the new short codes he has enabled us with and have been loving trying them out. If you look at my new article on Bikini Shaving ;) you will see I am targeting Amazon throughout the post. I really like how when you 'hoover' over you get details for the product. 

    p.s. Thanks for making me smile big time today :)

  • XobbaXobba May 2011

    @Aris,  Any specific article?

    Ive gone through 2 articles of your and clicked about on Amazon with no errors. Does this problem persist?

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  • NatashaNatasha May 2011
    Josh, I am also getting the same error.   And the problem is only with new articles, the amazon widget seems to work fine in existing articles.  Here's a screenshot of the error....

  • XobbaXobba May 2011

    So, your saying in the "Publish" screen when creating a new post you get that error when trying to ADD that widget?

    Its probably related to the caching Ive added - I can probably correcrt that super quick. Sorry for the inconvenience . Try a to "Empty Cache" in the meanwhile - f5 / shift + f5  (varied by browser)

    ill start testing now

    Thanks for the screenshot Natasha and the info Aris

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  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    Heads up on Amazon Issue- the problem is from the Amazon end and will hopefuly right itself shortly. It is not something coded or malfunctioning, Amazon simply is not serving the requested info (search boxes)

    All of the functions still work if you use the shortcodes, its only the search within that is not displaying.

    The quick fix is to copy any codes from your old articles and then change the aisn number from the code in a new article.

    hopefully, the issue will be resolved before you even read this.

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  • ArisAris June 2011
    @Shari :D - It certainly is a very writer-friendly place and I am also happy to be here. Kudos to Josh for looking after the technophobes amongst us :)

    @Josh - Thanks for sorting that out. I wasn't sure if it was something at my end, as the storms have been wreaking havoc with my connection over the past week. Bloody Zeus and his thunderbolts.
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    Amazon Problem corrected - For any that noticed the ability to use the Amazon add module has been missing for about 5 days.

    For 4 of those days I have been testing and testing and coding and uncoding and beating my head against the wall. I was doing all of this on my test server (You should always have a test or development version of important sites) I literally have done nothing but try and fix this issue.

    I will never admit HOW I ended up correcting the issue but I am ten times smarter then I was when I started (I tell myself that to feel like it was time well spent and not a hairpulling journey into madness) and have learned more about the core functionality of wordpress then I ever imagined possible.

    I will be writing and painting or something else Right Brain for the next week to hopefully let my poor addled mass breathe a bit.

    Oh,  but not before I launch this months contest :) Keep a look out - the teasers have already been dropped about. You may have seen them.
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