• I wanted to be the first to offer you folks an invite to Wizzley, which is a new Hubpages like site that is still in beta but open to invites.  The site operates somewhat like Hubpages, and somewhat like Squidoo, and different from both of them.  For those of you that are on Squidoo, the leaders of this site are Chefkeem, Ron Passfield, and Squidster, with the developers two young men from Germany.  It is a nice site with some advantages that you can use AllPosters and Zazzle affiliates as well as Adsense and Amazon.  Ebay is not yet active yet.  If you are looking for alternatives to Hubpages, and want another similar site, this is a good choice. 

    The site also uses referral links like Hubpages does, so if you do decide to try it out, please use mine. http://wizzley.com/?pr=9

    This in no way replaces Xobba, but is another place to earn income online and add backlinks.  :)
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  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    I think the site looks great and I looked at your article on it and that was also very attractively designed.

    I will register under your ref for sure and add it to my list of unique sites to use when creating new campaigns. Im about a month behind from doing any campaigns that are not Xobba related (which is a good thing fro Xobba partners) but I will make it there and leave my marks!

    ..and lol, no need for disclaimers when sharing! The more sites you write at and link around to the better! I hope to get XoBBa into a position where you want to link to your articles there but spreading that work around is the safest and surest bet for longterm income and safety!
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  • I believe in diversification.  :D
    Lake Erie Artists Gallery--Cleveland Art Gallery
  • Yes, the site just got opened up a few hours ago, and it is already indexing.  :)
    Lake Erie Artists Gallery--Cleveland Art Gallery
  • NatashaNatasha May 2011
    Paula, I have signed up using your referral.  Will publish a few articles there to backlink my xobba articles.  The site looks nice, thanks for sharing.
  • Yep, found you.  :)
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