Using Facebook to promote your website
  • I recently read this article and found it to be a wealth of information. Facebook is a huge advertising tool if we know how to use it.

    We've all seen the "like" button on some sites as well as that facebook "share" option. Here's an article with links showing you how it's done.
  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    The autograph other fan pages using the @ option is clever.

    I integrate some aspect of Facebook function into most sites, you will see that this forum has "like" functionality and facebook connect login functionality, which is actually a custom app (that anyone can make in 2 minutes)

    The ask.xobba site uses a floating in your face social share that highlights "share" option and the post has embedded like function.
    has the full social widget and like functions and at one point had all the FB options available. What many of these "social media network pro's" often fail to mention or perhaps not know is that the FB add-ons are major drags - they tangibly slow the site with remote calls to profile pics and constant updating. The link above froze for me and didnt allow me to scroll for a few seconds but that may have been caused by the pop-up - its imporatnt to make sure that the FB fucntions make sense for your site and user base and needs rather than use them simply because they exist
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  • SusanaSusana May 2011
    Thanks Pamela - this is useful. I just came over here to talk about facebook and twitter marketing so you must have read my mind! I really need to get my head round the best ways of using those sites so any other links or tips would be gratefully received :)

    I'm in the middle of writing an article on a popular singer and I only want to promote it via facebook and twitter - if I get it right it could go viral which is my plan. That means I need to learn a tonne of stuff. (Was thinking of putting on HP but I've decided I would rather put it here on X.) Hopefully we can then hit two birds with one stone. Get Xobba on the map and generate a lot of interest in my page. Plus money of course, lol ;)

  • NatashaNatasha May 2011
    Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly very powerful marketing tools.  I am seeing impressive results from twitter and hence I have made it a point to increase my twitter followers.  I have 2400 followers as of now and plan to cross the 5k mark before June ends.  Also, I make sure that most of my followers are from US.  It increases your chance of sale when you tweet an amazon link.

    I don't fully understand facebook marketing as yet.  But I have seen many facebook pages on first and second pages of google and also for some topic traffic from facebook alone can be huge.

    @Susana - Let us know how your experiment goes.  
  • SusanaSusana May 2011
    I will Natasha - I could create an FB page to go along with this. Yes, I probably will. (Thinking aloud). I do use fiverr to get tweets out on accounts with tonnes of followers (like 30,000), not sure how beneficial it has been yet. It's a bit of an experiment!
  • NatashaNatasha May 2011
    Susana, you should definitely consider creating a facebook page.  Not only there is a possibility of generating a lot of traffic from FB, you can also generate search engine traffic to your page.  I have seen many FB pages ranking high in google search.  For example, if you do a search on "entrepreneur quotes", you will see this FB page rank 18th, before panda it was on first page.  I have checked this page in yahoo site explorer and this page has no external links pointing to it.  So, I think facebook pages might be having some weight.  I am also in the process of creating some FB pages for my site and Xobba articles. Will see if they are successful.

    And I have also used fiverr for tweets but only once and that was just to check if I should invest some energy to increase my twitter followers count.  Used fiverr to tweet my amazon click with a unique ID so that I can track results.  Managed 3 sales and 216 clickthroughs.  So, I am sure now that twitter can really be a powerful marketing tool. So, I have hired a person to increase my twitter followers count.  At $7 a month, he is doing a pretty good job.  He gets me at least 100 followers a day.  Cool - isn't it!!