One Company's Approach to Fix their Website after Panda
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011

    Interesting info.  It is certainly a different approach than what we are seeing from HP.  It will be good to see which (if either) approach works.
  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    I've been reading, the scraper data is troubling. Seems like the time to start scraper sites if your into that type of thing...people keep pointing it out, so I hope that doesn't inspire a new wave of scrapers!
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  • RookRook May 2011
    The lesson we should take from Panda is, if you're unsure of how your new, original content will rank, don't bother - just steal stuff that is already ranking and you'll outrank it! Wow, Panda sure is an improvement over the old G. Way to go!
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  • It is a worry.  I'm noticing that posts on, which are created by RSS feeds from my websites and Hubs, are getting traffic before the original (which I don't mind, because each has a link to the original of course).  I thought it was weird, maybe it's part of the same effect.

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