Another interesting article on Panda
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011

    I hope you don't mind me posting these.  I find it fascinating what people are speculating about Panda.  Based on what I see so far, it makes me think that either sites need to be more targeted to specific niches or must have extremely robust editorial review - which would price a lot of folks out of the game.

    The large sites that can afford their own internal content (like a CNN) will fair better than UGC sites.
  • RookRook May 2011
    I actually appreciate your posting these panda articles. I'm particularly worried about persistent reports of scraped content ranking higher than the original source material. I can deal with the rest of what appears to be G's agenda as far as "quality" is concerned, but the scraped content anecdotes are troubling.

    Thanks for sharing this.
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  • tonyleantonylean May 2011

    Yet another, discussing the possibility of "bounce" being part of the Google Algo....
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  • What would be considered an acceptable bounce rate? I've never really got it below 80%, maybe 75%, on a personal site. This is a conundrum though, a site with the perfect ad optimization is going to see a higher bounce rate as a result. I can see people splitting up articles into several pages, 350 words per page (like Helium) if this turns out to play a significant role, that is one guaranteed way to lower your bounce rate.
  • Digging the Gravatar, nice touch.