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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011
    I have had success using for article writing.

    There are two major services that are offered:

    1.  New Article Writing - you give them a topic and the length desired and they have someone write it.  You can choose the quality level (I think that is a determinant on who they have research and write).  Of course, you will pay more for a higher quality, well-researched article.

    2.  Article Rewrites - You provide an article and tell them how long you want the rewrite and someone will manually rewrite it.  

    I have had good success with new article writing at a high quality.  

    I have had mixed reviews with the rewrites. Probably 80% of the rewrites I have sent have been very good.  10% sucked and the difference were ok. The good news is that you can send back a rewrite for changes if so desired.  

    For rewrites, I will provide a 1,000+ word article and ask for a 300-350 word rewrite. 

    If you are short on time, this is a tool you may want to consider.