Lets Save The 60DC tags - Please read
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    The 2 60DC's at Hubpages spurred the creation of 900 hubs!

    We connected our effort via the use of tags, this convention was already in place via the 30dc and the Hubmob program.

    No one can tell use they are "nonsense" as at least 60 of us are quite aware what they mean and as a group we were an established brand ..even a movement! If a Hub from the travel contest can have a tag of "toms pizza shop" that only 5 people in the would remember, than I think our tags are reasonable.

    Additionally, removing these tags from the site is the same as excising several 1000 inlinks to the hubpages domain! Its not a good practice.

    So, I think this is a very valid point and since It was my concept I will surely at least make the effort to send a letter arguing our point both in email and snailmail.

    But, I think it may be a good show of unity if others are willing to do the same. Any one want to help draft an email and interested in also sending off a request to leave them well enough alone?

    I think 900 hubs was a hell of a contribution and a great investment into our trust in the site.
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  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    I am ready to help in every possible way I can.  Every participant has put in a lot of effort to make 60dc successful and we can't let our efforts go waste.  

    Also, this is a very contrasting move by hubpages, they have themselves promoted the use of tags in the 30dc, hubmobs and contests.  And now they unpublishing hubs due to unrelated tags.  Also, are they unpublishing hubs having tags like hmtswk1 hmtswk2 etc.  These were the contest tags. 

    Anyways, I havn't received any warnings on my hubs due to unrelated tags but I know it is only a matter of time before I get one.  So, want to get this issue sorted out as soon as possible!!
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    They are unpublishing contest tag hubs? That will make attempting to protect our tags a bit harder.

    Im sure that the 60dc tags that are clearly related are safe. The 60dc is a recognized effort. With 60ish past participants, mentions in the learning center and the blog. So, I dont think its really uncalled for to expect that there will be no issue there. The one "secret" tag may be in jeopardy though.

    I have not received any warning of the sort either, I am just being proactive.

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  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    No, I said otherwise.  They aren't unpublishing contest tags hubs but unpublishing the 60dc ones.  And you are right, 60dc created quite a buzz at hubpages and we were mentioned in the blogs and learning centre.  Infact Simone even urged hubbers to participate when she interviewed me.

    I hope the problem gets sorted out.  Dont want to lose all the valuable backlinks.
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    Ok - good, Im glad I misread that, its getting late here and this yogurt I just ate doesnt seem to have been that good, I probably shouldnt have dug so far into the back of the fridge. 

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  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    ALso, Josh any idea how moderators decide on the unrelated tags.  Do they look at the related hubs section?  If yes, then it may be possible that some new moderator might have crossed some hubs which was not covered so well in the 60dc.  I mean I have a hub on Wifi-routers which was not related to any group of hubs written during 60dc and hence the related sections shows only the 60dc logs as neither me or anyone in the team had written on similar topic.  Anyways that is just my theory.

    I think an email to Simone would solve the issue.  
  • I wrote a long email to Jason and one of my points was about tags for both 60dc and RSS feed that hubbers set up.  Here is an excerpt:

    Tags are a huge issue for hubbers for example.  Most of us have tags to
    separate our hubs into specific types of feeds.  One of those is the
    60dc program that I was a member of the second time around.  Sunforged
    created specific tags for the program that are made of nonsense words so
    that we could create feeds outside of Hubpages to promote the
    entire groups hubs.  I have created tags to create feed of my vintage
    hubs that other people won't recognize or copy.  I use those to
    identify, and search for my hubs quickly.  Another issue is RSS feeds. 
    Are these really that much of an issue, worth unpublishing for?  I have
    an RSS feed on many of my hubs.  Usually they are related, but some are
    from the 60dc.  Pixelated images, while being an issue, can be easily
    changed.  Why not just have those people get a 60 day warning and
    revision.  You could have a reminder system that brings those types of
    minor infractions back up to the reviewer in 60 days.

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  • I'm still trying to find where HubPages announced that RSS feeds were a problem? 

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  • tonyleantonylean May 2011
    I have not seen it written anywhere...

    Whilst I don't think it will harm the hubs to remove the internal 60dc feeds (not much internal link juice now anyway..) there are many external links being generated by these tags and I certainly would not like to see those lost!!!

    If they ask us to remove them..... fight!!!!
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  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    Lol, Well I asked nicely instead. It seems they were already recognizing most of our tags as being part of a hubber iniative, the undisclosed nature of one caused it to not receive any consideration. Plus, they have new staff in moderation team, that prob wouldn't recognize any of them. 

    I had yet to send an email as I was trying to get some feedback from the group first and Ive been away for most of the 3 day weekend, but it seems they are quite aware that the tag was part of a community effort. The forum thread with answers to common forum questions seems to me to give our tag a pass they just needed to be informed that it existed. Ill check back for a response on the Hub thread where i asked about it and share the answer here if it comes.

    - sorry about any odd formatting, sending from my phone
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  • Lakeerieartists said "I wrote a long email to Jason and one of my points was about tags for both 60dc and RSS feed that hubbers set up"

    I hope you'll take a minute to head over to the HubPages Forums where I asked exactly these questions, and Jason tried to pretend no one saw them as a problem.

    I'd love it if you'd post to say differently!

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  • XobbaXobba May 2011
    My understanding is if you receive any issue with use of the tag and you want to continue its use, you can simply email team@hubpages.com and your hub will be passed on that issue. It may be wise to link to the tag page to illustrate that 750+ hubs are also using the tag, within your email.
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  • Hi Marisa, was off yesterday and still catching up.  Love the dichotomy in what we are all hearing.  Yeesh!
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