Wordpress Backup Plugin Suggestion?
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 April 2011
    I would like to have a plugin to automatically back up my various wordpress sites.  Ideally, I would upload it to my iDisk or even keep a copy on my computer.

    The best answer would be for the plugin to periodically create a backup on its own.

    I have seen several within WP, but was hoping some of you might have suggestions for what worked for you.
  • ThisIsOliThisIsOli May 2011
    There are various WP Backup plugins available, but my favorite is Volcanic Automatic Wordpress Backup.


    I like this tool because it backs up automatically to Amazon AWS, so you are getting off site backup.  It is also highly configurable, with daily, weekly, and monthly backups, it also lets you set backup management (Deletes daily backups more than a month old, etc.
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 May 2011
    thanks Oli - I will check it out.  I am not familiar with AWS.  I do have the apple iDisk though.  I will give it a go
  • XobbaXobba June 2011
    Here are some further options: How to Backup Wordpress easily
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