Three ways to earn Amazon Revenue in HP
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 April 2011
    I knew of one way (through the Amazon Module) which is subject to the 60/40 revenue sharing split.

    There was a recent change in the text module edit function that allows for quick "inline hyperlinking" still subject to the 60/40 rule.

    There is a third way, where you add in your own affiliate code for a product in Amazon. Here, you get 100% of the sharing!

    I wrote an article on it if it helps to walk through the processes:

    If you haven't added two inline hyperlinks (max 2 per hub) then I recommend considering it where appropriate. It just takes a few seconds for each link whether you use HP's tool or you manually enter your own Amazon Associates link.

    Also, if you see a mistake or you know of other methods, please let me know.
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    I very well hope users were taking full advantage of this option all along! But, def a great idea to point it out as it would be a shame if members were missing out on that option.

    I would add that it allows you to create unique amazon tracking codes for your hubs or series of hubs also .

    People with international traffic could also stick in a nice link to other amazon locations
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  • I have put Amazon links all along, but I am sure that some folks don't know how. :)
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  • NatashaNatasha April 2011
    I have learnt to use the amazon link during the first 60dc. Before that I was totally unaware. Nice that you pointed it out Mutiny. I am sure it would be helpful to many.

    And Sf, it is really a nice idea to use a different tracking ID for a series of hubs to see how well they are performing.
  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 April 2011
    I will mention the tracking IDs. I use them and should have mentioned it. I did not think about the links in the text until recently. Not sure how I missed it all this time...
  • It's easy to miss little stuff, and when people point it out, you have a "duh" moment. Or an "ahhh" moment. :P
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  • tonyleantonylean April 2011
    Something else for me to get on and learn, thanks for the help guys...
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  • MarisawrightMarisawright April 2011
    But I thought affiliate links were going to be barred under the new rules?

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  • Mutiny92Mutiny92 April 2011
    Marisa, as of now, Amazon is exempt. Of course, their rules do appear to be changing, but right now it is still ok,
  • I don't think all affiliate links will be banned.  I imagine that they will ban specific ones, and ban them on specific topics that invite spam.
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