Set Up Hosting, Install Wordpress, Theme and Plugins
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    This is intended as an example format and a means to get the section started, but it is also a real offer

    I will help you sign up for hosting, register a domain, set the nameservers on domain to mesh with Hosting Servers, install Wordpress, theme of choice and any plug-ins, and then configure all of the above.

    Overview of Your Costs/Services rendered:

    Domain: Under $10 (at GoDaddy I can get you a cost of $7.49)
    Hosting: Under $10/monthly

    Change Nameservers*
    Install and Configure Wordpress Installation on Host Server*
    Install Theme/Change File Permissions if Necessary*

    - Install Analytics*
    - Configure and install Adsense or other Ad Network*
    - Insert Header Graphics*
    - Set up Privacy Page (required for adsense)*
    -Install Custom URL options*
    -set up Wordpress permalinks*
    -set up sitemap plugin (if requested)*
    -install SEO plugin of choice*

    - install any custom plugins you desire*

    - have me on call for technical support (although, you do already)*


    Cost: FREE

    just use my aff/coupon link for Hosting signup

    I do work as a webmaster/designer and I offer the above at a rather high charge. But, the more of us active in the forums with self hosted sites the better for discussion and possible future networking opportunities

    I can either do all of the above for you and just hand over a temp password to your finished new site, or simply walk you through in person via forumchat, skype, FB chat, email etc.

    Contact me privately to get started, so I can dig up the most recent coupon to the Host of your choice. My top recommendation will always be HostGATOR but Im partnered with every Hosting company I know of and can work with any company you like.


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