What Would You Like Out Of A Forum?
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    What would best encompass your needs as writers and business owners yet still provide entertainment?

    Moderation Style, Topics? etc.
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  • humagaiahumagaia April 2011
    Just what you are providing.
    Sensible rules and regs.
    A happy place to write without too many constraints.
    These discussion areas may well make me consider using skype less - even though I am addicted.
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    I selected this particular design specifically because some found the phpbb forum daunting during the 60dc, this forum is about as seamless and speedy as it gets.

    Im working to make it cleaner and more easily navigated as we *speak*
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  • sharishari April 2011
    i think this design is clean and fresh. . and feels welcoming.. . great change Josh. I think others are going to agree .. i have been traveling around quite alot of forums lately and i must say if there was an award for a great forum design .this one would be tops. ..
    Can I have my avatar over here.. you know the one you gave me over at the 60dc?
  • Hi all, just checking in.
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  • sharishari April 2011
    Hi Paula . .I just popped over and read your Matzah and cream cheese . .and you do know you just got me in the mood for a snack. .. yes I am just about to go get a piece . .and temptee will be the topping .. Love your idea of tomatoes and a drizzle of oil!
  • MarisawrightMarisawright April 2011
    I like the design too. Not sure what I'm expecting here - but one thing I'd like to do, is discuss what people are doing (or not doing) with their Hubs, and how they're changing their habits following Panda.

    I'm considering moving the content of my belly dance Hubs to a new belly dance site instead, but still undecided whether that's going to do better or whether I should just leave them where they are.

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  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    Marisawright said: I like the design too. Not sure what I'm expecting here - but one thing I'd like to do, is discuss what people are doing (or not doing) with their Hubs, and how they're changing their habits following Panda.

    Thats certainly a great topic. Im going to leave it alone for 24 hours or so as Im actually still angry at the latest news from on HP high.

    The vision of the forum was to basically have the knowledge base of users we enjoyed at the 60dc forum w/o having all hoops of the passwords and plans. This is an open forum for online writers and marketers BUT so far only more or less experienced users have been invited, so we should be able to converse at a higher level.

    I did move one entire account that was in a clearly defined niche to its own site and its getting some google love already - but still a shadow of pre-panda hubs traffic.

    Other than moving stuff thats really defined and the occasional one they unpublish
    Its early to pull content still, I think. Ive been pretty critical/vocal in the HP forums, but honestly, its because no one else left is.

    You have full privileges here, so you can start a thread on any topic you like about Panda and moving forward etc...

    4am here...typing skills seem to have left me
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  • humagaiahumagaia April 2011
    Marissa - those hubs that are still doing reasonable, and earning, I'm leaving them where they are. I am not likely to publish new articles there for the foreseeable. Those articles that have dropped to negligable levels of hits after Panda, I'm rewriting and SEOing much more and moving them off HP. Basically those that are left I will use as backlinking to new websites I'm creating.
    The Panda has told us that our own sites are the way to go. HP has told us that they are in panic mode and that how we created hubs in the past is no longer an option - limited RSS, limited linking, etc etc. They've got it wrong, the way they are treating good hubbers. They are, and will, pay the price. My advice - copy all your hubs to a word processor now, just in case the plug gets pulled.
  • Marissa, I am moving the hubs that I think will no longer do well there under the new restrictions, mainly sales hub that focused on Ebay off to other sites at least in part. Other hubs are staying there.

    I am still getting traffic and purchases from Hubpages albeit not as much, and I believe that my hubs will move back up in search over time. But with the new restrictions on products, the sales hub layout that I was using is no longer allowed, and for Ebay at the very least, the new formula does not work as well.

    I am already having excellent success with my first niche site in one of my main niches, and I may move the entire niche off of Hubpages.

    I think it is too early to make any final decisions.
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  • tonyleantonylean April 2011
    Hi guys, just reading your comments above, whilst I don't have "sales" hubs like yours, even if I did I would not move anything off of HP. I would create a similar page elsewhere and use the link juice from HP, why waste a page that already has aged and been acknowledged by google etc..
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  • janejane April 2011
    I like the site set up - its easy to read and navigate.

    I too want to talk about hub pages. Maybe we need a hubbers hangout LOL. I was testing the waters with the HP add program and yesterday I turned it off to test & see if my google/amazon sales pick back up. I know a big part of the over all trouble at HP was the google panda thing, however, they have known for ages that the site needed to be cleaned out & I still don't see them cleaning house at the lowest level. I am going to move one niche over to a website, but that is all I'm doing right now.

    Currently, Bing is my friend!
  • XobbaXobba April 2011
    Hi jane! great to see you here

    By popular demand, a Hubpages subcategory now exists - new topics can be started with the "start a new discussion" button
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  • SyddSydd May 2011
    A private/public chat feature (like the one on the 60DC forum) could be useful - especially when this forum gets a larger number of participants. 
  • XobbaXobba May 2011

    There is the ability to create "discussions" among any number of individuals that is only visible to those members. Also a full activity and feed wall as you may be familiar with through facebook and private messaging system,

    So, I agree! and have it covered
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