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In accordance with FTC guidelines this page outlines Xobba’s approach to  advertising/sponsorship revenue:

The Xobba Tribune is a Commercial Enterprise that takes part in dozens of advertising models and has dozens of authors with unique motives and styles.

In addition to being a traditional review resource we are also a “earn as You learn” platform where Authors earn in part from recommendations and actions that their writing spawns. Although, not ALL writers are sharing knowledge from a commercial standpoint for disclosure purposes you should assume that product and topic selection is always tempered in some way by the writers desire to earn. Even if a specific advertiser has no direct relationship the writer may be interested in sales as an affiliate or has been paid in some manner for their time. As an open platform we cannot be certain of every authors purposes, we only ensure that what they do write comes from a place of expertise and is readable and attractive to native English speakers.

We are an entertainment resource with commercial ties. Use due diligence when reading this site and making decisions in general. Didnt your mamma teach you any sense?

In fact , it is a shame that such disclosures are even necessary and so many have proven to be lacking in common sense and have been so easily parted from their “cents”