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About Wesman Todd Shaw

avatar A Texas native, I love music, history, science, and good food. More than any of that, I love good friends and good conversation. I'm a bit overly into debating on the web, it's just irresistible to me sometimes. I have a long history with acoustic guitars, and love those things above most others. If you also love acoustic guitars, then I am a resource you should enjoy, but I also would like to prove myself useful to you, and in other ways still.
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Global Food Politics and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese; Why You Should Purchase Annie’s Instead.

      Ah childhood, those days gone by, I so often look back on it and think about how lucky I was.  I always had great parents, a nice younger brother, and nice older sister, and everything I ever wanted given to me.  I got out of the business of being a child…I just [...]

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Dealing With Brown Recluse Spiders In Your Home.

    Now I’m a typical sort of Southern male.  Some folks might call it being a “redneck,” but whatever, I am what I am.  I’ve never before been even a little afraid of spiders.  I see one, someone screams or something, and I step on it, or maybe even touch it just to show [...]

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Guitar Picks For Acoustic Guitar – All Plectrums Are NOT Created Equal.

When it comes to fine acoustic guitars, the persons who own them often spend huge amounts of time reading about woods, and specifications, and competitive instruments to the ones they do own, or seek to purchase.  Acoustic or not – guitar owners are sometimes as obsessive about their guitars as rednecks are with their 4×4 pickups.  What [...]

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