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About Wesman Todd Shaw

avatar A Texas native, I love music, history, science, and good food. More than any of that, I love good friends and good conversation. I'm a bit overly into debating on the web, it's just irresistible to me sometimes. I have a long history with acoustic guitars, and love those things above most others. If you also love acoustic guitars, then I am a resource you should enjoy, but I also would like to prove myself useful to you, and in other ways still.
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Buck Knives

  It’s soon for hunting season this fine year 2013, and in this, the most perfect of all possible worlds, every hunter needs a knife with which to use on his or her hunting ventures.  Me, when I was in school, from the day I first got a pocket knife, I carried that pocket knife [...]

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Cast Iron Skillets

Before about 2009 I was barely qualified to cook anything.  I was limited to things in a can I could transfer to a bowl and microwave, tv dinners, and the occasional and still risky venture, scrambled eggs and a pork chop.  Oh times have changed, and though I’m unlikely to replace Paula Deen and save [...]

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All Things Hodor

Has anyone in the history of literature created a more intriguing character than Hodor, first of of his Hodor, from house Hodor?  I mean let’s face it, a man such as Hodor doesn’t come around too often.  Very few of us have ever witnessed a Hodor of any sort.  Hodor is a man after his [...]

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