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About Wesman Todd Shaw

avatar A Texas native, I love music, history, science, and good food. More than any of that, I love good friends and good conversation. I'm a bit overly into debating on the web, it's just irresistible to me sometimes. I have a long history with acoustic guitars, and love those things above most others. If you also love acoustic guitars, then I am a resource you should enjoy, but I also would like to prove myself useful to you, and in other ways still.
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The Gibson Government Series II Les Paul Guitar

  The beautiful guitar you see above is the Gibson Government Series II Les Paul Guitar!   The Legacy of the Obama administration will be the legacy of a man without much content to his character.  Of course there is his pettiness, his illegal activities and immaturity to consider. The Obama administration had made it [...]

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Lava Lamps or Lava Lights.

I remember the first time I saw a lava lamp.  No I don’t remember which extended family member’s home I saw it in, but I might offer some guesses.  I stared at the thing fascinated.  I literally couldn’t stop looking at it.  My father was and is an electrician, why did the Shaw family have [...]

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Mini Electric Shears And Shavers For Men

  Now I’m not the single most masculine fella in the world.  I’m just a guy with a thick black thing growing on my face.  Kinda like that poor poor man in the first Alien film, is what I mean to say I am; but I have hair covering my face, and growing; rather than [...]

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