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About Tony Lean

avatar Handsome world traveler with a background in business improvement and quality management tools and techniques such as Lean Manufacturing and six sigma developed through working in the Automotive industry then migrating into construction and consulting for major universities in the UK.. Have worked overseas in places such as Saudi Arabia in the Middle East (just in case you didn't know its location). and now live in the Philippines. A keen DIY buff I have built my own house and swimming pool.
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5S Seiketsu Audit Checklist
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5S Seiketsu

What is 5S 5S is an effective tool within Lean Manufacturing for improving workplace organisation. It is not just housekeeping as some seem to think, but a methodical and powerful tool to improve your working environment and improve your efficiencies and safety. Through eliminating and reducing the effects of the seven wastes of lean manufacturing [...]

5S Seiso Clean and Check
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5S Seiso

5S Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing is both a philosophy and a collection of tools for improving your business, 5S is one of those tools. 5S Lean Manufacturing is probably one of the simplest but most effective of the available tools and can quickly give you a return on the time that you invest implementing it. [...]

5S Work Flow
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5S Seiton

5S Seiton Set in Order 5S Seiton is the second stage of 5S Lean Manufacturing, the first having been 5S seiri which removed all the clutter from your work place. 5S is a methodical way to improve your workplace layout and organisation to make it more efficient, ergonomic and safer for your employees. Developed as [...]

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