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avatar Lizz Dorovitsine is a high-school graduate who took a gap year to live and work in Russia. She currently works as an English editor for the World Economic Journal, and writes for her personal blog, "How to Survive Russia" in her free time. To read more about Lizz's story, click here . Thanks for reading!
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What is pinterest about
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Pinterest: 3 Tips to Get Your “Pin” On

Pinterest has to be the best thing the Internet has come up with since Facebook. And if you’ve never heard of Pinterest, it’s time to move out from under that rock and go check out this new social networking site. Basically, Pinterest ( is a giant virtual cork board where users can “pin” their favorite pictures, articles, quotes, or recipes. So how do you go about getting the best material for your section of the corkboard and gathering the most attention to your pins? Check out these three easy tips to help you get started.