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avatar Hi there, I'm Katie from Ohio its great to be here and experience such a diverse collection of integrated thinking. I enjoy digging in the facts to uncover the truth about any and everything that makes for a better life experience. This is a great experience don't you think? Follow me at two of my favorites sites; 1) a writers site - 2) a site about love -
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The Best Most Amazing iTunes Download Playlist Favorites

Do you get search fright when you’re face to face with the iTunes playlist and go blank wishing you could think of those all time greatest songs ever to download to your iPod?  Well it’s happened to me a time or two and I’ve heard from many others that this phenomenon of playlist fright happens [...]

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Emergency Disaster and Survival Kits

Life can certainly throw a few curve balls our way and you never know exactly when one might fly by.  Although we do normally receive good communications about weather emergencies the time to prepare is long before the warning. Many other emergencies come without warning.  I for one know all to well having been in a [...]

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The Healthy Need for Sex How High Blood Pressure Effects Sex Drive

The Healthy Need for Sex How High Blood Pressure Effects Sex Drive Are you one of the millions who suffer from a sluggish or sleeping drive?  We’re talking none, zero, zip, no libido (man or woman), weak or zero erections (men) or just flat-out not “in the mood” anymore.  With the constant adds addressing erectile [...]

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