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Adapt or lose out in the race for personal success
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Personal Investment: Successful Investing 101

Personal investment Personal investment is now essential for your well-being. Changing times make everyone an investor. Successful investing for medium-term profit, or for long-term retirement income, are both necessary. Failing to learn about, understand and undertake a personal investment strategy will seriously damage your wealth. But why do you have to “learn” about investing at [...]

Gold bullion - gold color
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Colored Gold Metal Alloys: Colors of Gold Jewelry

Colored Gold Metal Alloys Gold colors: green, rose and white are colored gold metal alloys. Gold colors are made by combining silver, copper, palladium & other metals to make gold metal alloys. Gold colored jewelry can also be purple, blue, black etc., being intermetallic gold colors. Photo by hto2008Pure 24k gold is only ever one [...]

Bullion vault of gold bars
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Thai Baht Gold Bars: Buy Gold Bullion Online: Thailand Gold Jewelry

Thai Baht Gold Bars In Sanskrit, Siam (the old name for Thailand) means gold. Gold has been part of the Thai economy for millenia. Jin Lin, meaning peninsula of gold, is the Chinese name for Thailand. Photo by Tom BKKIn Thailand all gold is sold under ‘Thai baht gold‘ standard: the baht being a Thai [...]

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