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About FloraBreenRobison

avatar I am a freelance writer of articles and poetry; business manager and art agent to artist Breen (Robison) Bergstrome; and singer. I have a B.A. with a major in Psychologyand a minor in English from the University of the Fraser Valley. I love music, classic movies, classic mysteries, musical theatre, art, and cats. I have been published both in print and online.
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How Bad Dental Health Made a Cat Older Than Her Chronological Age

Copyright by Flora Breen Robison   One year ago on April 11th, 2011, my darling Amy had all her teeth removed. In recognition of this anniversary, I am republishing an article that was originally published elsewhere.   A CAT WITH ONLY FOUR TEETH: Source: Flora Breen Robison   I debated about whether or not to [...]

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Reasons Why Adopting Animals Others Reject Is Rewarding

Copyright by Flora Breen Robison   A Pet No One Wanted My family has always chosen pets that other people don’t want. We have loved every minute of our time with them. Here you can see Amy’s teeth are decayed. All them had to be removed                   [...]

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Dedicated to a Beloved Tabby: A Poem About A Rescued Cat

Copyright By FloraBreenRobison   Cat’s Cradle One of Amy’s many preferred places to sleep is an old doll cradle from my childhood Photo Source: Flora Breen Robison To Love a Devoted Rescued Cat   You have lived a long and hard life. You had been abused and forgotten. How have you managed to survive so long [...]