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avatar I have been writing on for almost 2 years and enjoy writing about the things I love most in life. Some of these include dogs and dog training, most especially Alaskan Malamutes, cooking from A to Z, assorted hobbies and interests and funny stories.
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Healthy Cooking Tips For Kids

COOKING TIPS FOR KIDS I recently picked up a great book at the library called 44 Things Parents Should Know About Healthy Cooking For Kids.  It’s written by none other than Chef Rahman “Rock” Harper who is the winner of FOX TV’s Hell’s Kitchen Season 3.   Chef Rock is also the National Celebrity Chef for [...]

Alaskan Malamute out in public places
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Dog Behavior And Socializing Alaskan Malamutes

MALAMUTE SOCIALIZATION The Alaskan Malamute by nature is one of the most social breeds there is.  That being said, they are also one of the most stubborn breeds you will come across.  In order to achieve the best result of these two personality traits, it is recommended that malamutes be socialized early and that the socialization continues [...]

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Staying Healthy While Fighting Cancer And Radiation Effects

SIDE EFFECTS OF RADIATION As cancer treatments go, radiation therapy is one of the most notably effective in fighting the disease.  The reason that it works is that it destroys cancerous or bad cells and keeps the disease from spreading. However, along with the positive there is a downside to radiotherapy.  It also destroys or affects [...]

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