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The Great Texas Folk Singer Songwriters. - |

The Great Texas Folk Singer Songwriters.

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No doubt about it, Texas is a unique place.  There is a unique attitude in Texas that you won’t find anywhere else, and it permeates the entire expanse of the largest of the lower 48 states – the state that is actually inhabitable year round, minus the Summers, of course.

Texas is a state with probably more diverse natural beauty and culture than any other state, and I say that not lightly, but with slight apologies to the beauty and diversity of both New York State, and California.  I’ve been to both, lived in California – but as a Texan, I know I’m not biased.  Texans all know they have the best of the nation – just ask one!

Hey, I’m a music guy!  I’m just ….well, without music, I’m like a preacher without a Bible.  An Arab extremist without an AK 47, or an American politician without his corporate campaign donation – I’m LOST!  As a music lover from and in the most wonderful place in the Northern Hemisphere, I well know about the amazing style and brand of music that comes from Texas.  Just like everything else here – we do things our own way, and we don’t need any other national paradigm to bother us, or validate us.  We set the tone, we lead, we kick butt.


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  • Article by Wesman Todd Shaw

    avatar A Texas native, I love music, history, science, and good food. More than any of that, I love good friends and good conversation. I'm a bit overly into debating on the web, it's just irresistible to me sometimes. I have a long history with acoustic guitars, and love those things above most others. If you also love acoustic guitars, then I am a resource you should enjoy, but I also would like to prove myself useful to you, and in other ways still.
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