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Medical Travel Insurance Europe: Vacation In Greece |

Medical Travel Insurance Europe: Vacation In Greece

EU Travel Insurance: Enjoy A Trouble-Free Greek Vacation

A large number of foreigners have bought a holiday home in Greece, taking advantage of low costs flights that allow them to escape the rat race and enjoy a few days in the relaxed Greek countryside. For a long weekend or a short break, owning your own holiday home in Greece gives you the chance to take the family away and unwind by the beach or enjoy the laid-back café culture. However, many visitors, lulled by the false sense of security, do not bother to take out any annual holiday insurance online and are unprepared for when things go wrong.

It has been estimated that up to a quarter of Brits do not take out any form of travel insurance when visiting their holiday homes or the second homes of friends and family, and such a basic oversight is unacceptable. Whilst European Union citizens are able to use their EHIC cards to receive treatment at a Greek hospital, this does not cover the cost of repatriation or missed flights resulting from hospitalization. Add to this the potential inconvenience of losing your baggage or valuable items and the cost of annual travel insurance does not seem so high.

Travel Insurance EU Means You Can Kick Back On A Greek BeachSingle Trip Travel Insurance vs Annual Holiday Insurance Online

For most families, taking only a single holiday to Greece every year, the most cost-effective option is to look for single trip travel insurance online. You should book this before you book your plane tickets and you will be covered for a multitude of problems, from medical insurance to cancelled flights. Many credit card companies, and your home insurance provider, may offer discounted single trip insurance packages, so these are worth looking at.

However, if you plan to visit your holiday home in Greece more frequently, then it is worth looking at annual travel insurance, often called multi-trip insurance. An annual holiday insurance policy covers you for a year from the moment you sign the contract, and the vast majority of policies do not place a maximum limit on the number of trips that you can take. With this type of policy, if you decide to visit your Greek holiday home on the spur of the moment, you do not have to worry about forgetting to arrange insurance, or waste time on the internet looking for the best annual family travel insurance online.

12 Tips for Finding the Best Annual Holiday Insurance Online

When looking for your annual holiday insurance online, as with any insurance, you should check the small print and ensure that the policy matches the needs of you and your family. Instead of racing to the bottom and hunting for the lowest quote, there are a few things that you should be looking for, although this list is not fully comprehensive. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent tough questions and make sure that you receive any answers in writing, to ensure that you and your family can reap the benefits of your Greek second home, without worry.

Annual Travel Insurance Cover and Trip Duration:

Most policies do not place any limits on the number of trips that you can take in a year, but they usually specify a maximum duration for the trip. This can be 30, 32, 60 or 62 days, which should be plenty for most Greek second home owners. However, it might not be enough if you intend to spend the entire summer holiday in Greece.

Travel Insurance and UK Insurance Policies:

Many families also like to enjoy short breaks and long weekends in the UK. If this is the case, look for a policy that also offers British coverage, usually stipulated as a break of three days or longer, as long as accommodation is pre-booked.

Relax In Your Greek Holiday Apartment With Full Travel InsuranceAnnual Holiday Insurance Online and Excess Charges:

Some policies allow you to pay a slightly higher premium in return for lowering the excess if making a claim becomes necessary. This is entirely up to you and your personal financial situation but, if you do stay with a higher excess, make sure that you have quick access to cash, if necessary.

Annual Travel Insurance and Bundle Deals:

Credit card companies, auto insurance and home insurance companies often offer handsome discounts if you take out annual travel insurance with them. If you already have home insurance for your second home, check whether the company is prepared to give you a discount.

Annual Family Travel Insurance Online and Age:

The vast majority of annual insurance policies have an upper age limit, usually 65, although some companies specializing in providing coverage for senior citizens have a higher limit. Generally speaking, if you are below the maximum age limit when the policy starts, you will be covered if your birthday takes you over the limit during the course of the year. However, you should check this. If you are older, you should try to discuss your annual travel insurance policy directly with an agent rather than deal exclusively online.

Duplication of your Annual Holiday Insurance Online:

With standard travel insurance policies, most people like to insure their personal belongings, especially valuable items such as laptops and iPods. However, some of these may be covered by your home insurance policy, either for your primary residence or the unoccupied property insurance for your Greek holiday home. If this is the case, you may be able to use this to negotiate a discount.

Annual Travel Insurance and Public Indemnity Liability:

Public indemnity insurance protects you if you are sued for liability and it is important that you are covered for up to at least a million Euros. Again, if you already have home insurance for your Greek luxury property, this policy may already cover you, so check with your agent.

Annual Holiday Insurance Online and Auto Insurance:

Most annual travel insurance policies do not cover car insurance and assume that you will already have it for your vehicle, whether through private insurance or for Greek car hire. Unfortunately, most Greek auto insurance companies only give third party insurance, potentially leaving you with a huge repair bill. If you want fully comprehensive insurance, most UK car insurance providers will cover you in Europe, but stipulate a maximum period, so check this well in advance.

Annual Medical Travel Insurance:

Having a good level of travel medical insurance is critical when visiting your holiday home in Greece, especially for non-EU citizens. Even if you carry EHIC cards for your family, this only entitles you to treatment and will not cover any of the ancillary costs associated with healthcare, such as repatriation costs. In addition, some annual travel insurance providers expect you to cover the bill and will then reimburse you, which can be a problem if major intervention is required. You should also ensure that you inform the insurance company of any pre-existing medical conditions, including pregnancy, before travel.

Annual Holiday Insurance Online and Extreme Sports:

Many providers will not cover your family for extreme sports, which can be a problem if you and your family wish to make the most of your Greek holiday in the sun and go SCUBA diving, windsurfing or pony-trekking. Inform the company if there is a chance that you or the kids will be indulging in potentially dangerous pursuits, as coverage is usually available for an added premium. In addition, many companies already provide winter sports cover of up to 17 days, useful if you want to enjoy a skiing or snowboarding holiday in the Peloponnese or Northern Greece.

Annual Family Travel Insurance and Trip Cancellation:

Having to cancel a trip is devastating enough without the financial losses incurred through being unable to obtain a refund for tickets, so ensure that you are covered for this eventuality. Recent terrorist threats and epidemics have resulted in many people having to cancel holidays, through no fault of their own, and lose a hefty amount of money.

Annual Holiday Insurance and Company Reputation:

As with buying any insurance online, beware of companies without a good reputation or good affiliations. If you use a small, lesser-known company, then there is a chance that they could go bankrupt over the duration of your annual travel insurance, leaving you high and dry and facing huge bills. At the very least, you should find an annual travel insurance online provider who is underwritten by a reputable company.

With the Best Annual Holiday Insurance Online, you are Free to Enjoy Your Trip!

Hopefully, these tips will help you to ensure that you find the best annual holiday insurance online. Certainly, balancing cost, especially for larger families, with full annual insurance coverage is difficult, so don’t be afraid to ask you annual travel insurance agent the difficult questions and ensure that the small print is clear. Now, you will be able to enjoy sunshine breaks in your Greek holiday home all year around, safe in the knowledge that the annual travel insurance online will protect you against every eventuality.



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