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Get the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing - |

Get the Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Improvements through Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Improvements

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

What improvements can you expect from implementing lean manufacturing, what are the benefits of lean manufacturing? The following data is drawn from the Manufacturing Advisory Service a body in the UK funded by the government to improve the manufacturing industry. The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) is a national service that provides nationwide support all across the UK, it has run many thousands of projects since it was introduced in 2002. The estimated value added for around six years in operation is around 700 million GBP improvement to UK industry.


The following figures from the MAS show average improvement figures for lean manufacturing implementation projects;


Table of Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

  • Scrap reduced by 26%,
  • Space required on the factory floor reduced by 33%,
  • productivity up by 25%,
  • Stock turns increased by 33%, and
  • delivery improved by 26%, and
  • OEE increased by 45%, (OEE being a measure of a machines efficiency, availability and quality.)


The Benefits of Implementing Lean Manufacturing


These figures are very impressive, especially when you look at them as being average figures across many thousands of projects that have saved many companies many millions of GB pounds.


Can you and your business afford to ignore this level of potential improvement? How big an impact would there be on your business if you were able to reduce your scrap by 26% or reduce the cash tied up in stock by increasing stock turns by 33%? The figures above do not show many other improvements that can be made such as  reducing your lead times, most of the projects that I worked on were able to reduce lead times from weeks to just days.


If you want to stay ahead of  the competition then you must learn how to implement lean manufacturing, gain the skills and  knowledge to help you to out perform your competitors. Reap the benefits and reduce your costs, improve profits, increase your customer base with improved service and more reliable products.

Or just wait for your competitors to do it first, its your choice!




Lean Manufacturing Benefits



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