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Get an Android Droid 2 for a Penny - |

Get an Android Droid 2 for a Penny

I spent 2 months searching for the best new wireless plan for android


I compared every major US wireless service provider in an attempt to get the android phone that best fit my needs, But I didnt want to spend anything or very much for the hardware if I was committing to a 2 year contract with one of these evil bastards. Often, I would find a great deal and then when I looked closer I would find out that the cool options of the phone were blocked by the provider, for example mobile hotspot requires an extra payment with new T-mobile plans.




Motorola DROID 2 Global Android Phone, Sapphire (Verizon Wireless)
DROID 2 Global only a Penny Click Image to See Full Specs

I ended up selecting Verizon as they offered a Verizon Droid R2D2 for only $99 with a 2 year contract, th eplan was no better and no worse for the cheapest price range I was looking at (Family Plan 2 Lines, free mobile to mobile in network, forced smartphone data fee, limited minutes)  I was looking for the base rate with all providers as I can generally use web workarounds and apps to get most everything free .. ie. Google Voice, Skype work arounds on minutes , text messaging via apps etc.


BUT! Just when I finally settled on the R2D2 after reading hours worth of forum posts and android hack sites I went to hit put in cart …and alas it had sold out.


So with some quick research I discovered that the Droid 2 Global was the same phone as the R2D2 but had a faster processor and a business centered interface. I could get a genuine pre-owned certified Droid 2 Global for $99 , so not as cool as a new r2d2 but I was ready to buy.

Long story short, I had some buyers remore about paying $100 for a preowned phone and discovered that Amazon has a wireless program with many smart phones for only a penny – its cheaper than the Verizon site!  and has multiple carriers for comparison shopping



You can search below to see some of the current options.



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Motorola Droid 2 Global Black No Contract Verizon Cell Phone - Condition Price: $22.99 - $115.00
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Motorola Standard Battery (BP6X) - Motorola i1 Opus One Cliq XT MB200 A855 Droid Seidio Multi-Function Battery Charger XT610 Pro A956 2 Global A955 Price: $7.86
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