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Droid 2 Global Battery Life Fix - |

Droid 2 Global Battery Life Fix

Droid 2 Global Battery Options

I Love my Droid 2 Global. I have a sick symbiotic relationship with it. Droidie awakens me in the morning with his sweet reggae sounds, gets me through breakfast with notifiers of new emails and facebook alerts and even gives me on screen rss feeds of this site and lifehacker.  In my travel time, Droidie, plays me audiobooks, some are streamed right from my own Windows Media Player, some come from and others are downloaded right onto the p


My Droid works hard. When Im around the house or the office, he gets to stay plugged into his Droid 2 Docking Station.  But once hes lose from the juice, it all goes downhill. I havent solidly tested the battery life, but its quite well known that it pretty much is as terrible as it gets. Actually using the full functionality of your Droid 2 Global will probably lead to a 6-8 hour battery life at best.

Since, I use it so much for media playing and often use the speakerphone or bluetooth for phone calls I can almost always leave mine in the docking station.

Droid 2 Global Docking Station


I bought my Docking Station the same week I received my Droid 2 Global. I consider it indispensable. I can use it to watch a movie as Im falling asleep in bed and makes my phone act as an alarm clock that is easily visible on my desk throughout the day. It just makes sense and it was under $20.


Buying an extended battery was a longer and more involved process. My friend has a HTC Sense which also had terrible battery life, he went ahead and spent $100 for an extended battery, a case extension to make room for it and a secondary charger to keep a backup battery charged. That seemed like quite an investment to make it into my new phone.

With some careful management of what applications are running and making sure that GPS and WiFi arent on all the time, I should have sufficient battery life. Well, Thats what I thought before I went away for the weekend and ended up having no phone the whole time causing me to miss out on meeting up with lots of old friends.

Luckily, extended batteries for Droid 2 Global does not require an extended case mod.



Am extended battery has the same dimensions as the stock battery, which does irk me a little, wish the manufacturer had just given me the best battery possible to start with!

The extended battery works great for me. I can safely use my phone for an average of 12 hours before retiring us both for the night. That is about all I require. Make sure, If you get one that you charge it longer than the “light” designates on your phone. The batteries manual also will tell you this. But, no one reads battery manuals except freaks like me Im sure.

A plus side to owning the extended battery is that OI now have a backup stock battery. I did go ahead and buy a battery charger to keep my backup charged. Wasnt really necessary or a money saver, but I enjoy the convenience of being able to swap in a fully charged battery.

Backup Battery Charger for Droid 2 Global


The backup charger was $12 and is OEM, I felt like it was a better safe than sorry buy, and ended up happy at the added convenience.




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