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Strategies For The Development Of Women Entrepreneurs - |

Strategies For The Development Of Women Entrepreneurs

Today, the economic status of women is considered as an indicator of a society’s stage of development.  It is therefore necessary for the government and women entrepereneurs themselves to frame policies to develop entrepreneurship among women.  Such programmes would raise the economic and social status of women.  Strategies for the development of women entrepreneur should be devised so that they can overcome problems faced by women entrepreneurs.  Listed below are some of the strategies and ideas for the development of women entrepreneur.

  • Education and Awareness: This is the first and necessary step to bring about the development of women entrepreneurs.  With education, the negative social attitude towards women will change.  Also, the society needs to be made aware of the potential of girls and their due role in the society.
  • Better Time Management: Most women entrepreneurs have to shoulder dual responsibilities of an entrepreneur and housemaker.  If they follow better time management both the responsibilities can be undertaken effectively.  Also, involving the family members in the business helps a lot.
  • Set-up Home Based Business:A women can set up home based business.  The biggest advantage of home based business is the easy co-ordination of household and business responsibilities.
  • Efficient Use Of Technology:Women entrepreneurs should make effective and efficient use of technology like the internet to gather and assimilate information and also make use of it for publicity and marketing purposes.
  • Organize Workshops And Seminars:Workshops and seminars should be organized frequently for the officials of the financial and support agencies and for women  entrepreneurs in order to make their relations more cordial.
  • Group Entrepreneurship:Group entrepreneurship is an innovative concept and is a viable option for those with financially weak backgrounds.  It is also noticed that in group entrepreneurship the confidence and morale of women entrepreneurs is high.
  • Simplified Procedures:Procedures for financial assistance by banks and government organization should be simplified.
  • Dispense Collateral Security:In case of women entrepreneurs, the collateral security should be dispensed with, as women hardly have any property or other assets in their name to keep as guarantee.
  • Finance Cells:Government should set up various financial institutions and cells to provide easy loans for women entrepreneurs.  Also, loans should be provided at concessional interest rates.
  • Training Facility:Training schemes should be designed for women entrepreneurs so that they can learn and acquire new skills required for the successful running of the business.

Let’s Discuss:

Do you have any suggestion or idea you feel can help in the development of women entrepreneurs.  If yes, then please share it with other readers and me in the comment section.  Also, if you have any questions related to entrepreneurship, please let me know.  I will try my best to solve your query.



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