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Collecting Vintage J. Chein Toys |

Collecting Vintage J. Chein Toys

J. Chein Toys are a Reminder of Childhood Fun

One of the most fun parts of collecting vintage and antique toys is the memories that come with each collectible.  This is especially true if you played with the toys as a child.

Another way that collecting vintage toys can evoke memories is if the toy itself reminds you of an event.

That is what I love about collecting J. Chein Toys.

J. Chein toys are great reminders of going to an amusement park as a child.  The most well known toys that were produced by the J. Chein company are the amusement park ride toys.  Ride the Rocket is a toy that resembles the rocket rides that we all rode as kids, in just about every amusement park that ever existed.  It is a realistic reproduction of the rocket rides, made in lithographed tin.  All of the popular J. Chein toys were made in tin, and J. Chein never switched to using plastics.

Another popular toy is the J. Chein Merry Go Round which came decorated with a few different lithograph designs.  The toy looks like the grand majestic old merry go rounds which have mostly become extinct, but I personally remember riding them over and over as a young child.  What a great memory!

The J. Chein Roller Coaster toy is another favorite.  These toys were manufactured after World War II, when everyone in the United States was breathing a sigh of relief that the war was over, so it is not surprising to see that the amusement park ride toys were a hit.  The Roller Coaster is another tin toy by J. Chein Company that has a lithograph on the outside which had a few different themes.

And you can’t leave out the J. Chein Ferris Wheel.  Who doesn’t remember the joy of riding to the top of a Ferris Wheel, and the fun, scary feeling of coming back down again.  This toy is a tin reminder of those exciting moments in the past when Ferris Wheels were a treat to ride, and could be found in the amusement parks of the time.



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