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Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar (Natural)


First I want to state clearly that Bluridge guitars are extremely high quality instruments, and that they are exceedingly affordable when compared to similar American made models.  In fact, from professional and serious amateur solid wood construction instruments, and on down to solid top and laminated body guitars, and then onward down the price ladder to all laminate guitars, Blueridge as a brand, quite simply, has everyone in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan beat, and beat soundly in the realm of price to value.

Blueridge brand instruments provide a very high quality product at a very low price.  Does this sound fishy to you?  There is a catch if you choose to see it that way, Blueridge instruments are made in China.

Let us clear up the ethical issues here straight away – there aren’t any.  That is the extent of it.  Please do not get me wrong, I support the recovery of the American economy, and I support outstanding American made products.  I also support honesty, and the honest truth is that American skilled labourers, or luthiers (the folks that design and build high quality stringed instruments) simply will not and probably can not sale their wares at the prices  the Chinese do.

No, I’d never say that Blueridge instruments are “better” than the classic instruments made by American corporations such as C.F. Martin & Company, Gibson Guitars, Collings, Santa Cruz, and the list gets quite long were someone to type the rest of them in here to completion.

Please don’t bother screaming “BUY AMERICAN!” I’m immune to that one in regards to this topic, and I’m going to tell you exactly why.

When I was about fifteen years old I spent all of my free time playing the guitar.  I was certain in my child’s mind that I was going to be either a Major League Baseball player or a professional guitarist.  You’d not have been able to tell me otherwise.  Despite the obvious fact that I’m neither of those things now, I was truly considered to be a talented guitarist by anyone that heard me play then.  No, I’ve lost no talent over the years.  I’ve only gained a ton of responsibilities.  The point here is this, there came a time when my guitar instructor that I was learning from approached my parents and told them that I needed a professional level instrument, and he suggested to them that I needed to own something like the Martin D 28 Guitar.

Well, my parents were perfectly fine with that suggestion, they said that I could have whatever I could pay for, you see, no skin off their bones.  Of course they were paying for my guitar lessons already.  Buying a professional instrument was going to be up to me.

So far as I know there were no Blueridge guitars in the US at that time, but if there were, I’d never heard of them.  There most certainly ARE Blueridge guitars available in the USA now though, and if you are a young man or a child and you are dedicated to playing the guitar and in need of a first rate instrument, but do not have the cash to purchase even a used and abused Martin, then Blueridge guitars, made in China, are the PERFECT solution for you!!!

The solid wood Blueridge guitars are built to the same specifications as were the lusted after pre war C.F. Martin & Co. instruments that cost anywhere from ten thousand up to two hundred thousand dollars today.  You can get a pre war Martin D 28 copy built to specs from Blueridge for about fifteen hundred dollars brand spanking new!    On the used market where the real deals in acoustic guitars are – these fine and professional quality Blueridge instruments can be had for half their list price.

Truly, these guitars are a total win for any aspiring or amateur musician!!!!!

Besides the standard production model instruments, Blueridge also produces some fine commemorative model instruments that besides the optimized playability, pre war construction, and tonal characteristics that every acoustic guitarist and audiophile yearn to hear – also feature some great abalone inlay work that is visually stunning, and completely beautiful.

Today I’d like to focus attention on the BR 2060 Lonesome Pine Fiddler’s guitar.


The Blueridge BR 2060 Lonesome Pine Fiddler’s Guitar – Essentially a pre war D 28 copy featuring additional and beautiful abalone inlay.
What is the BR 2060?  It’s a copy of a Martin D 28 built to pre world war two specifications, and what that means is that it is an all solid wood construction instrument with a spruce soundboard and rosewood back and sides, fourteen frets clear of the body, and in a full sized Dreadnought design.  This is exactly the kind of guitar that a young musician interested in folk, bluegrass, Celtic, acoustic rock, and country music needs to sound like the real deal.
Here is a rundown of the specifications:
  • Limited Edition, hand-numbered and signed
  • Select solid Sitka spruce top with hand-carved, forward shifted, parabolic X-bracing in authentic Prewar style
  • Solid, select Indian rosewood back and sides with zig-zag center stripe
  • Natural high-gloss finish
  • with aging toner for that
  • perfect vintage look
  • One piece mahogany neck with adjustable truss rod and dovetail neck/body joint
  • Bound ebony fingerboard
  • White bound body in the 1950’s style
  • Ebony Bridge with vintage-style long saddle
  • Bound peghead features overlay adorned with the unique and original Lonesome Pine Fiddlers 70th Anniversary inlay design of white, yellow pearl and abalone
  • Exclusive 1950’s shape Dalmatian-tortoise pickguard
  • Nickel-plated Grover “Rotomatic” tuners
  • Nut width: 1 11/16 inch
  • Scale length: 25.5 inch
  • Shop adjusted
Look at the beautiful abalone inlay featured on the Blueridge BR 2060 Lonesome Pine Fiddler’s commemorative guitar!
The list price on this heirloom quality beauty is $1,750.00 US Dollars new, and that price, my friends, is what I paid at fifteen years old for a very used and comparable American Made guitar.
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