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How To Criticize - Offer Constructive Criticism - |

How To Criticize – Offer Constructive Criticism

We human beings are instinctively evaluative in nature and this quality have contributed a lot in the growth of mankind. We unconsciously scan situations, people, ideas and react as per our judgement of the same. We judge the value of anything based on our personal values and experience. Criticism is a part of evaluation and is very critical and important in developing an idea into a legendary base for future development.

Anyone has a right to criticize, but a genuine critic is the one who has the real intention to help other person. Criticism needs to focus mainly on the thoughts/idea and not the person. We have no right to criticize other person. In fact, wrong criticism may lead to reduced self efficacy, lowered self esteem, outburst of emotions, conflicts and many. Criticism should be constructive, specific and descriptive. The criticism should explain the ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ of the issue. This will demonstrate the innate interest of the reviewer in helping the author.


Follow The Hamburger Burger For Criticism:

Hamburger Approach To Criticism


Follow The Guidelines Before Offering Criticism:

  • Criticize with due respect to the hard work put in and also to the ideas.
  • It should be for the learner’s benefit.
  • Criticize the idea and not the person.
  • It should be sharing of knowledge and not advising.
  • Keep the criticism short, specific and personal.
  • Start and close the criticism with a positive note.
  • Design the way of giving feedback in a way that it initiates action.  You can design your feedback like, “One thing you might do is……..”, “Have you thought about……..” etc.
  • Link the feedback to it’s outcomes, so that the receiver can relate and reflect on it.

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How To Offer Constructive Criticism



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