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George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright, Nobel Prize Literary Great - Eugenics Monster. - |

George Bernard Shaw, Irish Playwright, Nobel Prize Literary Great – Eugenics Monster.

George Bernard Shaw

The work of George Bernard Shaw was forever within the realm of sociology as addressed in the medium of literature, but to lighten the load, healthy doses of classic Irish wit would always be included. Now just how serious Mr. Shaw was is left up to the reader of his works to determine, he certainly was fond of saying some outrageous things, and there are quite a few videos available for perusal concerning his strange outbursts.

George Bernard Shaw lived an interesting and long life which was mostly dedicated to the causes he’d felt most important. As a native of Ireland, the nation and its centuries of oppression surely played a huge role in his psychology and outlook, and he returned some small honours to the beleaguered nation by becoming the first person to win both a Nobel Prize for Literature, and an Oscar.

George Bernard Shaw

The Life Of George Bernard Shaw.

Born in Dublin, Ireland on July 26, 1856 to an unsuccessful grain merchant father and a mother who sang professionally, George would hate school, he felt it was not a place where people were being educated, but rather, warehoused. George especially hated corporal punishment, but also considered all curriculum near to useless for an intelligent mind.

George’s mother would leave for London with her voice instructor and his sisters when he was nearly sixteen, his father and he remained in Dublin. For a few years George would yet be a reluctant pupil, and then an unhappy clerk before joining his mother in London and beginning to write his early novels. George would also spend large swaths of time in London museums, and learning what he would not in Dublin’s schools in the British Museum reading room. He’d started his professional writing career in London before ever having a thing published under his own name by ghost writing a music column in the newspapers.

Influenced by his reading, he became a dedicated Socialist and a charter member of the Fabian Society a middle class organization established in 1884 to promote the gradual spread of socialism by peaceful means. In the course of his political activities he met Charlotte Payne-Townshend, an Irish heiress and fellow Fabian; they married in 1898. The marriage was never consummated, at Charlotte’s insistence, though he had had a number of affairs with married women, as was typical of the male writers of his day.

George Bernard Shaw – Prolific Writer

George Bernard Shaw was a prolific and multi faceted writer that seemed to do little else but write his critiques, novels,short stories, plays, pamphlets, letters, and essays; but Shaw did do more than write, he was an integral part of the formation of the London School Of Economics, a school of the most selective and successful sort for bright students from all over the world. One of the libraries at the school is named for Mr. Shaw, and there a large collection of his original manuscripts are kept

Shaw’s Corner is another honorary place one can visit when in England if so inclined towards literary historical places within the island that gave us so much of the best of it. Shaw said the following about his favoured homestead:

No dwelling place can rival Ayot:
So there I labour at my job,
And boil my kettle on the hob
Deeming I have the best of reasons,
For staying here through all the seasons.

Mr. George Bernard Shaw died in 1950, he was revered as a great man most of the world over, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

George Bernard Shaw Statue.

George Bernard Shaw – Mouthpiece Of Do Nothing Oligarchs And Mass Murderers.

Now I don’t have a high opinion of George Bernard Shaw, and I’ll tell you why – I think he was a mouthpiece for global Oligarchy, and not much else. Getting awarded a Nobel prize for Literature surely shows the man had great talent, and his prolific output shows he had determination, but what was it all for? What good did it do? Mr. George Bernard Shaw’s politics shows the man as a wolf that couldn’t find a sheep outfit that could fit him, he literally reeks of arrogance and evil when viewed on video, and his voice makes this Mr. Shaw’s skin crawl.

George Bernard Shaw was a lifetime advocate of socialism. I think the relative notions of socialism are somewhat meritorious in the forms advertised to the public, but the facts remain that socialism is something pushed by bankers, the most monstrous tyrants on the planet.There are none in our human society that provide or produce less than do bankers, yet Shaw had not the intelligence or wisdom to see that, as he was merely their dandy propaganda bot of his day. Bankers foment and profit from warfare while hoarding the wealth that a righteous entity would use to provide necessities to those in need, indeed, profiting and hoarding on the backs of the miserable and suffering is the very nature of bankers, banking as an industry, and all that submit their shared humanity for the evil of the Babylonian Talmud.

George Bernard Shaw was a fan of Hitler’s, and very publicly endorsed the hideous propaganda of “useless eaters,” and their “humane extermination.” George Bernard Shaw presented this case as if you are an idiot, and he the king of wisdom. If there be “useless eaters” on this planet fit for “humane extermination,” then George Bernard Shaw, mouthpiece of propaganda, presented this sick theory the exact opposite of reality. There are no humans that produce less value than international bankers and those individuals born into elite status, but Shaw proposed that common citizens were of no value, despite the facts that wealth so extreme as to be obscene is the driving force of murder by nations. George Bernard Shaw provided us a negative value via his proclivities as another globalist mouthpiece of violence.


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