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Folding Aluminum Ramps Portable Ramps |

Folding Aluminum Ramps – Portable Ramps

Folding Aluminum RampPortable ramps are a great way to move goods up steep inclines safely and easily, the perfect solution when unloading heavy machinery from a truck or granting access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. In comparision to their wooden, steel and concrete counterparts, folding aluminum ramps are a far better option, blending portability, safety and durability with a competitive price.

Aluminum ramps have an extremely high load potential for their weight, making them versatile and suitable for a range of uses, from allowing access into a building to loading drum cement mixers onto a pick-up. Finding the best portable ramp for the task can be a little difficult, given the sheer number of options available, but buying online is a great way to compare the various types and find the perfect ramp for the task.

Permanent Aluminum Ramps for Public Access

In many states and countries, anti-discrimination legislation stipulates that most public buildings and private commercial premises must have access for wheelchairs, usually meaning that they have to invest in a ramp. These fixed ramps are also a great help to parents, helping them avoid the chore of wrestling a pushchair up steep and precipitous steps and risking injury.

As a result, installing a sturdy and practical permanent acess ramp is crucial. Many businesses construct a concrete ramp to allow wheeled access, but the building costs can be extremely high and the bureaucracy and permits required for a permanent construction can create problems.

Wooden ramps are another option and they are relatively cheap, especially where a longer ramp is needed to maintain a gentle gradient, but they are not particularly durable, even if preservative treated timber is used. Some businesses opt for steel tread plate ramps, which are very durable and sturdy, but will eventually develop rust and an uneven surface, making access treacherous.

Aluminum circumvents all of these problems, combining strength and safety with a reasonable price and, unlike steel, wood and concrete, does not need regular treatments to prevent corrosion and rotting.

Permanent Aluminum Ramps and Load Potential

Public access isn’t the only reason for installing permanent aluminum ramps, because many businesses need ramps in the loading area, allowing employees to load and deliver goods easily. Traditionally, concrete and steel were the materials of choice, but these have a tendency to develop an uneven and slippery surface as they age, a real danger to staff unloading top-heavy roll cages.

Aluminum ramps are the best option for loading bays, because they are durable and practical enough to allow employees to move goods without the danger of tripping or slipping. In colder climates, aluminum is resistant to the corrosion caused by rock salt, which will corrode steel plates and weaken concrete, ensuring that a loading area can remain in operation all year round with little danger of injury to staff.

Permanent aluminum ramps are easy to install, making hourly labor costs much cheaper, and the surface of these ramps is practically maintenance free. A contractor will be happy to discuss your particular needs and construct a ramp that is sturdy and meets all of the applicable safety requirements concerning maximum inclines and turning space. Because aluminum fabrication is fairly easy, fabricating a ramp to individual specifications is not much more expensive than buying a ready-made ramp.

Portable Aluminum Ramps

Portable aluminum ramps are a superb option for many businesses and individuals, as a strong, lightweight and fully portable choice. For loading cement mixers, motorcycles and other heavy equipment onto trucks, they are a simple and safe solution, replacing the unwieldy and unsafe wooden gangplank.

For disabled people, temporary aluminum ramps have vastly improved their quality of life, allowing them to use taxis, buses and trains much more easily, as well as cross tricky raised thresholds. Portable aluminum ramps are usually equipped with a handle for convenience and they are much lighter than the steel and wooden versions used a few years ago, yet at least as strong and resilient.

Aluminum ramps are usually covered with a rough anti-slip tape for extra grip, although many ramps designed for moving vehicles have molded grips, giving something for tires to bite into. Usually costing less than a couple of hundred of dollars, portable aluminum ramps are a convenient and practical option.

The Simplicity of Aluminum Ramps

For any home or business needing a gentle incline instead of steps, folding aluminum ramps are a great option, safer and more durable than wood and concrete and less prone to corrosion than steel. The extremely long lifespan of these portable ramps, coupled with safety and high-load potential, means that aluminum ramps offer many advantages with no downside.



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