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How To Choose Shower Screens That Best Suits Your Home And Lifestyle |

How To Choose Shower Screens That Best Suits Your Home And Lifestyle

A shower enclosure can be the ideal addition to a bathroom, regardless of the size of the bathroom.  The typical shower and shower enclosure serves to not only increase the elegance and style of bathrooms, but they are extraordinarily functional as well, making them a vital accessory for the modern home.  Purchasing a shower enclosure, however, can be a laborious task, especially when you do not know what to be wary of.  These are structures that last for years at a time, and add an air of permanence and solidity to a room.  Thus, it is imperative to choose the ideal size, shape and layout of shower cubicle and make sure that color, glass, clarity and finish all meet with your approval.

Difficult Choice

There is a bewildering number of product features that can be included in your shower enclosure, and if you’re not clear on what they add and which you require it can be a frustrating and nigh impossible task to select which of them you want and need.  Some that appear to be in vogue right now include very clear glass shower enclosure options for consumers who are after a specific look and don’t want to compromise in attaining it.  These glass enclosures are thick and safe and tend to be desired by both homeowners and their designers.  The reduced iron content for this shower enclosure option helps to provide enhanced color neutrality and clarity.  This is far different from the green tint that is present in some standard options.

Practical Considerations

It is also vital to select a shower enclosure that is easy to maintain and clean.  Glass that is designed to avoid the corrosion and discoloration that often results from humidity and continual heat exposure is the best quality to consider in terms of cleaning.  You should also keep an eye out for enclosures that are non-porous as these tend to stay clearer over time and retain their original dazzle and overall aesthetic appeal.

Current Trends

As with all other consumer durables, the shower enclosure market is getting ready to take in its share of the profits where products of increased quality and new innovations help to establish its credibility.  One of the many trends arriving on the scene is the shower enclosure that features frameless panels of tempered glass.  These provide clean lines and feature recessed channels in acrylic bases that run around the perimeter of the enclosure itself, appearing much like a raised shower platform.

Smart Buy

You can select your shower enclosure from a vast selection of shower enclosures that are available through retailers.  The best way to select your shower enclosure, however, is by searching online and making price, specification and feature comparisons. Many manufacturers are willing to provide shoppers with free brochures that offer more details and answer common questions.

Emma Cub is an interior designer who specialises in bathroom renovation and writes for Liberty Bathrooms, who have a wide range of glass shower screens.

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