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Are Vibram Five Finger Shoes Right For You - A Barefoot Running Experience - |

Are Vibram Five Finger Shoes Right For You – A Barefoot Running Experience

Five fingers & five toes
Photo by Daniel C Bentley

Natural Running and Proper Footwear

I have a confession to make. If you lived in Buffalo, Ny and ever noticed a a young runner sprinting up and down your complex, in the rain  at 3am wearing only a pair of shorts and often smoking  a cigarette. That was me.

When I pulled all-nighters and I had far to much coffee, I would use a quick sprint as a wake up method. I came into the habit of going barefoot as a means to toughen my feet and I loved the sound of them smacking on wet pavement and concentrating on ignoring the little pangs of pain caused by pebbles and rough pavement.

It made me feel alive and in some way, primitive.

I was not a runner. I wasnt training, I was just being.

Over time, I became faster and more confident in this barefoot running experience and continue the habit to this day. It just “feels” right. It also makes sense that my feet were best made by nature to provide the appropriate and best conditions when uncovered. Its only our lifetimes of coddling that has led to a sensitivity that make such an activity seem odd to modern cultures.

You haven’t experienced morning until you have felt the dew in your toes and the slight chill in the air as the sun breaks over the treeline.

In relative recent times, barefoot running and foot protection that follows the practice is becoming more well known and sports science has began extensive testing into its possible positive long term effects on the human body.

Some of the success of Kenyan and Ethiopian Long Distance Runners has been connected to their barefoot training.

At the scientific level, it seems a lack of raised heel and the ability to splay the toes are the factors that should be enhanced for “best ‘ form.


One well known proponent of this system is Tim Ferriss, author of, The 4 Hour Work Week and the recent 4 Hour Body.



The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

He explain his love of the Vibram Shoe system here: The Huffington Post: Vibram Shoe Review




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