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Shopping Online for Australian Sleepwear - |

Shopping Online for Australian Sleepwear

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Since technology has came into existence shopping online in the comfort of your home has become a necessity. The hustle and bustle of the malls and waiting in line has taking a back seat to purchasing sleepwear from all of the World online. Gone are the days of frustration when you comb through the racks searching for the right size camisole or nightgown. If you know your size, style and colors purchasing sleepwear is as easy as clicking the mouse on your mouse pad.

Sleepwear stores Australia carry all types of sleepwear and you don’t have to be concerned if they have it in stock. Silk, satin or cotton whatever you like to wear they have it available and ready to ship. When shipping from Australia there are a few things you need to be aware of before making your final purchase.

Methods of Shipping

Reputable Australian online store have several methods of payment including Pay Pal. When you are shipping Internationally there is also a broad range of shipping methods. If the company is shipping for free let them make the best choice for you. Most shipments are sent out same day and if they are out-of-stock- its clearly posted on the picture. If ordering after their cut-off time it could take several days for them to prepare your package; but be patient you will receive a tracking number when its on the way. 

Dispatch and Delivery 

From the moment you submit payment until the shipment is on the way out the door the are working diligently to get your order out in ta timely manner. Many online stores advise dispatch time and deliver date so rest assured you will have your lingerie in little time. 


Its imperative that you have an invoice and packing list which contains the quantity, description and value of your merchandise. When importing anything Internationally there is a possibility that you could end up with Duties and Taxes. Many sleepwear stores Australia have that information listed under there shipping policy guidelines so read the policies and prepare before you ship. 

U.S. Customs 

U.S.Customs is there to protect our Country and not there to hassle or upset anyone. All across the United States are local customs offices, if you are not familiar with Customs duties, importation or how it works give them a call and one of them would be happy provide you with the Duty Rate, Harmonized Tariff and approximate Merchandise processing fees on your shipment. 

Sleepwear from Australia is made from the highest quality of fabrics and is not designed in a sweat factory. Many pieces are hand sown or placed on a production line with skilled employees who are paid their actual wage. Australian sleepwear is designed to wear for many years if properly cared for. Always follow the washing instructions when you purchase your item and your sleepwear will last a lifetime.


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