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Precious Metal Clay Adds Design Capabilities to Silversmithing |

Precious Metal Clay Adds Design Capabilities to Silversmithing

PMC Allows the Artist to Design, Mold, and Shape Like Clay

Although you end up with a fine silver piece when you use Precious Metal Clay, the process of making the piece is entirely different than traditional metalsmithing.

For many people, silversmithing is a hobby, something that they would like to do in between work and life, to take their mind off of their day to day routine.  However, traditional metal working is very time consuming, and it is hard to get a good result until you have had a lot of experience.

With a good teacher, Precious Metal Clay, a fine silver product that comes in a lump of clay like material, can be learned well enough in just a few short hours, so that the student can complete a silver piece of jewelry that they are proud to own even the first time that they use it.  Most hobbyists only have a few hours to spare for making jewelry, and that makes PMC an ideal material to work with.

Precious Metal Clay can be worked with just like most clays, even polymer.  As a matter of fact polymer clay tools work well with PMC.  As you work with the clay, you can press or mold it, cut it or just shape it with your hands.  It is soft and moist, and any adult should have no trouble working with the clay.  After the PMC is dry, the piece needs to be fired between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the formula of clay that you are using.

Once Fired, PMC Can Be Worked Just Like Any Fine Silver

After the Precious Metal Clay has been fired, and cooled, it needs to be cleaned up.  The clay has dehydrated and all that is left is a thin crust on the surface of the silver.  PMC can be cleaned by hand, or in a tumbler.  Once the residue of the crust is gone, what remains is a fine silver piece that can be worn alone, or with other materials.

Precious Metal Clay has a short learning curve, and is one of the easiest ways to make silver jewelry in a class or at home.  The tools and materials are easy to come by, are non-toxic, and can be stored at home.  This is a great hobby or class for anyone who loves jewelry and silver.



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