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How to choose nursing bras during your pregnancy - |

How to choose nursing bras during your pregnancy


Changes in the breasts begin during the first trimester of pregnancy and many moms-to-be outgrow their regular bras along with their clothing. During this time it’s best to buy nursing bras. They may not fit right after birth; but when your breasts are tender and swollen they will fit during the time you are breastfeeding.

You can buy nursing bras and breastfeeding sleepwear from Australia or in department stores. Breastfeeding sleepwear from Australia is beautiful and uniquely designed,  and you can purchase the sleepwear from the comfort of your own home. You can receive deep discounts when buying on-line along with newsletters, tips and advice on pregnancy. Besides nursing bras and sleepwear you can also purchase many other products needed for the baby and yourself.

Nursing bras are designed differently and have cups that open. You can open the flap so the baby can nurse more comfortably and the rest of the bra stays in place. Here are a few things to look for when you shop on-online.

Many nursing bras come with easy accessible flaps that you can open with one hand. They are discreet and appear the same way a regular bra appears when it’s placed on the body. If you are choosing to nurse in public, choose a bra with Velcro or fasteners that you can snap without looking at them.

At all costs avoid nursing bras that open completely at the front. Although it appears to be convenient, when the baby is done feeding getting your sisters’ back into place can be another issue.

Bras that are too tight can cause infections and plug the ducts. Bras that have underwire or straps can block the natural flow of milk. Under wires should be avoided during the postpartum weeks.

A nursing bra should be designed with breathable fabrics. Many of them are made from one-hundred percent cotton; but there are bras that are also created with other fabrics that allow the skin to breathe.

Purchase at least 3-5 nursing bras. Owning at least more than one or two is necessary during the time you breastfeed.

So how do you choose the right nursing bra?

Your breast to enlarge even more after pregnancy so purchase at least one bra that is larger and one that is smaller. This will get you through the first few weeks after you give birth.

When your breast begin to settle, usually between the second and fourth week after you give birth purchase additional bras that fit well and are quite comfortable. Most nursing bras have multiple rows of hooks where you can connect and reconnect allowing for changes in breast size and the adjustment of the rib cage. Because the flaps open on the sides there is also room for growth in the cups of most nursing bras.

Many moms-to-be are comfortable wearing nursing bras; but there are a handful who are not. Support is recommended before and after pregnancy so the breast does not sag or droop.


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