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Buy a stainless steel water bottle and help cut down on plastic pollution - |

Buy a stainless steel water bottle and help cut down on plastic pollution

Reusable drinking bottle made from stainless steel

Inspired by the Plastiki Expedition

Back in 2009 I was helping to publicise adventurer David de Rothschild’s Plastiki Expedition in which he and his crew sailed across the Pacific Ocean on a plastic catamaran made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The aim of their epic voyage from San Francisco in America all the way to Sydney in Australia was to raise awareness of the need for increased recycling, and the dangers of plastic pollution of the environment.

David de Rothschild - PopTech 2010 - Camden, Maine
Photo by poptech

David’s boat went past the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, one of five massive oceanic gyres made up of waste plastic. This particular one is said to be twice the size of Texas and most of it is bits of floating plastic trash.

Plastic does not biodegrade and most of the plastic ever made still exists somewhere in the environment. It breaks down only into smaller and smaller particles. Plastic gets eaten by sea creatures and ends up in the food chain with disastrous results.

Plastic contains and absorbs poisons that can then leach out having a very harmful effect on anything which eats them. Some plastic items are swallowed whole by sea birds such as albatrosses that then feed them to their chicks and the baby birds die. Marine turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and eat them and die too.

Anyway, knowing all this, and inspired by the Plastiki campaign I decided to get myself a stainless steel water bottle for future use.

The dangers of BPA

I needed to get a bottle that I could keep on using and would not have any dangers hidden in it, dangers like bisphenol-A.

The chemical bisphenol-A is commonly known as BPA and it is a dangerous toxin. BPA is present in many plastic bottles and forms of packaging but unfortunately over time and exposed to heat it can leach out into food or drink it is holding.

BPA is known to be a serious danger to health because it can lead to heart disease, birth defects and genetic disorders. It is also said to cause aggression in children, obesity and hyperactivity, as well as having a bad effect on male fertility and sexual health.

So the less exposure to it the better it is and the less plastic we buy the better it is too!

On Tenerife where I live, most people, and I have been one of them, buy water in plastic bottles and take this out with them to stop them getting dehydrated in the hot climate. I realised that I needed to do something about stopping my use of bottled water as much as possible so I searched online to find a safe water bottle.

Ideally I wanted a stainless steel one because I know this metal is totally harmless. I found the onegreenbottle website and ordered one of their Mudpuppy range. The bottle tops are made from polypropylene, which although it is a plastic, it does not contain any BPA at all.

A Mudpuppy stainless steel bottle is 100% safe and also rather smart looking. Hopefully these stainless steel bottles will become trendy as well as really useful for health and environmental purposes.

There was a problem though, because I ordered my bottle weeks ago but it hadn’t arrived. I contacted the seller via Amazon to say so. They told me it had been shipped and all items normally arrived within days.

I was told they would investigate the matter further, and then, just yesterday, I had another email saying it had been received by Correos and giving me a reference number. “Correos” is the name of the postal service here so I wondered if it had gone back to the local post office in Icod de los Vinos because I had been out when the postman or woman had tried to deliver it.

I had to go to the post office about something else so went this morning and asked what had happened to my parcel and quoting the reference number. The person serving me looked on her PC and asked another member of staff, who came to tell me I would be getting it today.

I went home and sure enough within an hour or so it has arrived. I thought it was almost as if this was destined to happen this way just so I could receive my stainless steel bottle on Earth Day.

The synchronicity of it arriving today has inspired me to write this hub all about it, and is part of my contribution to this special day that is all about what we can all do to create a Green future and a safer world.

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