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Great Female Guitarist. - |

Great Female Guitarist.


Orianthi Panagaris

Violet Journey

For whatever reasons – and I can’t claim to know what the reasons might be – men have traditionally guzzled up a very disproportionate amount of the press and the imagination of all with their six string heroics.  The truth of the matter is that the guitar doesn’t give a flip whether a man is playing it, or the more fair and attractive sex.  I assure you the guitars don’t care – but were I a guitar, then you better believe that I’d much rather have a beautiful woman such as Orianthi Panagaris  touching, squeezing, bending, holding, and sweating up against me.  It doesn’t matter how much I admire Eric Clapton – I just can’t imagine thinking Eric smells so nice, and he certainly isn’t so attractive.

Why guitar playing has most often been a male venture is not clear.  What is certainly clear to me is that women have every single bit the talent, by and large, for playing the guitar as men do.  I tend to believe that women just haven’t taken to playing the instrument in numbers equal to those of the ugly sex.  I also definitely believe that society has not treated women guitarist fairly.  You can say that my goal here is to make some attempt towards righting what is wrong – I want to shine some spotlights upon some very talented female guitarists!  No matter what I’ve done here though – I certainly can’t hope to match the contributions already done by the late Michael Jackson.  No, I was never a fan of “the king of pop,” but I do have a lot of appreciation for the fact that he’d done a hell of a lot towards promoting a lot of fine female guitarist.  Orianthi Panagaris being only one of the several that had played in the Michael Jackson bands on very large international stages and arenas.

What is the music of Orianthi Panagaris like?  Well, it is blues, it is jazz, it is metal – truly, it is fusion.



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